Portfolio Intelligence

for Retail Investors

Sentifi is an award-winning provider of investment signals from social media, news, forums, and blogs. Sentifi mines over 500M+ tweets, over 2M+ forums, news, blog articles per day to capture investment insights on 50K+ stocks. This ensures you never miss out on market moving events that impact portfolio value.

Key analytics and features

Add up to 500 stocks to your portfolio from our universe of 50,000 (every listed company in the world)

Drill down to see your portfolio's exposure to market moving events

Monitor in real time how sentiment and attention is shifting for your portfolio and individual stocks in your portfolio

Filter your portfolio to surface stocks that are positive or negative outliers to make informed investment decisions

See how institutional investors are shifting their asset allocation to sectors, regions and stocks as this is reported

Am I at risk of losing portfolio value?

Sentifi tracks investment insights on 50K+ stocks from 500M tweets and 2M news & blogs daily, so you know when the sentiment for your portfolio as a whole or for individual positions starts shifting.

How does my investment strategy compare to institutional investors?

Sentifi tracks holdings of 100’000 funds worldwide and lets you know when institutional investors start reallocating their assets so you can react immediately.

Are there outliers in my portfolio and should I be increasing or decreasing my asset allocation?

Quickly identify outliers in your portfolio. Which stocks currently get a lot of attention from financial market influencers? Which are sentiment leaders and laggards?

What events are impacting my portfolio?

Sentifi’s AI models can identify 45’000 distinct events, such as M&A, lawsuit, and product recall. Find out about events before they affect your portfolio’s valuation. The analysis also works for macro events. See which stocks are impacted by the US elections, Brexit or coronavirus.

What do financial market insiders know about my portfolio?

Find out what financial market influencers know about your portfolio. Get access to news articles, blog articles and tweets – from Bloomberg and Reuters to hidden insiders. You can drill down to see the perspective of one particular influencer group such as traders, financial analyst, or journalists. You can filter by influencer score to only see what top influencers write.

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