Brand-safe, Targeted Campaigns for Financial Advertisers and Content Marketers

Financial advertisers need to reach customers and potential clients in a brand-appropriate environment with advertising formats which can reach their campaign KPIs – whether performance or branding. Specialist campaigns require precise delivery to relevant target audiences in defined regions.

Sentifi Media has built a global network of high-quality news and business/financial publishing partners in 9 countries. Through contextual intelligence, we ensure that your advertising appears on appropriate websites, in the right channel and amongst matching article content. Sentifi believes that contextual relevance drives advertising performance. We offer native, banner display, and outstream video advertising formats.

100% of our inventory is programmatically enabled.

Contextual targeting increases audience consumption of your content and engagement with your advertising. Sentifi Media delivers a qualified audience of business decision makers with whom you can reinforce your thought leadership positioning – by showcasing great content and advertising messages.


Advertising Options

Our media network gives advertisers flexible options to run campaigns in content marketing, branding and performance advertising

Content Marketing

Many financial services companies create great content with very high production values, often including premium video. Unfortunately, much of this content remains underused and largely unnoticed on social or owned digital channels.

Sentifi Media can deliver your ‘thought-leader’ content – including long-form video – directly into highly relevant articles on high-quality news and business websites.

  • Video – distribute valuable  (long-form) video content
  • Banners – drive traffic to content areas of your website
  • Native Ads – performance ads drive download of content


Sentifi Media enables financial services advertisers to position their brands in a high-integrity, relevant environment for business decision makers and other desirable target groups in key markets in EMEA, APAC and the US.

Brand building formats:

  • Outstream Video in analytics widgets
  • Banners, including high-impact formats
  • Sentivi Video Player for long-form, sponsored content delivery

Performance Advertising

Native Ads are widely used on many websites and have become very popular in the past years. Sentifi Native Ads are assembled out of three different components and can be displayed within or below our widget.

Contextual Intelligence

Helping publishers to understand the content of every page and advertisers to place their message directly in the most relevant, matching context

Launch Dynamic Content campaigns which match advertiser creatives with the content on the page

  • Company Name
  • ISIN
  • Industry or Sector
  • Events (e.g. M&A, Legal Risk, Product Development and many more)

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