How It Works

Find out how we get the best out of our data in 3 steps

1. Data Input

The input consists of both, unstructured data (news, blogs, tweets, etc.) and structured data (prices, financials, holdings, etc.).

We add value by combining traditional financial information with alternative sources from social media. 

We have qualified more than 200 Million sources to create a unique universe of 14 Million financially relevant influencers, whose content impacts the valuation of assets.

2. The Sentifi Engine

Not every news article, blog, or tweet affects the value of an asset. The Sentifi engine detects financially relevant content and filters out the noise. 

Our AI-based engine identifies, classifies and ranks every piece of information – recognizing what is being said (event) by whom (influencer) about which asset (topic) with what sentiment.

Read more about our AI-powered engine and download our white paper!

3. Analytics

After the engine has identified, classified and ranked information, it is summarised and visualized in our unique analytics to enable actionable insights. 

Our analytics combine attention volume, attention buzz, sentiment, events and influencer information for more than 50,000 stocks, currencies and commodities. 

Users can drill down for example to identify the sentiment for a certain event or attention from a specific influencer group. Information is also aggregated to the level of industries, sectors, indices, countries and regions.

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