Markets Intelligence Analytics

Markets intelligence analytics enable institutional investors to assess sentiment changes in sectors, industries, indexes, currencies and commodities. In addition to that, it provides insights into institutional investor shifts in asset allocation and influencer shifts in their perception of interest rate, currency, economic, equity market, political or credit risk for a country. Markets intelligence analytics identify companies that are strong investment opportunities around a particular investment theme (e.g. blockchain).

Research Stage

Research regional, country and/or asset class sentiment shifts, evaluate macro shifts, research trending investment themes and validate your house view.

Portfolio Construction Stage

Correlate macro sentiment with other variables to decide allocation and validate asset allocation with peer historical allocation shifts.

Portfolio Monitoring Stage

Apply shifts in macro sentiment to evaluate portfolio risk and view extreme positive or negative macro sentiment shifts.

Portfolio Rebalancing Stage

Support allocation change decisions by reviewing macro sentiment change and peer allocation shifts.

Equity Asset Allocation

Asset allocation shifts by institutional investors

  • Stay on the top of macroeconomic indicators such as the world economy, international trade, stock market and global politics
  • Identify trends by analyzing monthly asset allocation shifts by sectors, regions or market cap groups
  • Assess company gainers and losers by allocation shifts


Real time events that can impact asset valuation

  • Check out top and flop events across sectors and industries and identify events with the highest involved risk
  • Drill down to see which companies, sectors, regions or countries are affected most


Trending long-term investment themes for sectors, countries, regions and companies

  • Discover top trending themes such as blockchain,  robotics or wind energy
  • See related companies, sectors, regions, countries and influencers and their respective attention and sentiment


Indicators of risk for a country based on sentiment and shifts in country risk scores over time

  • Spot different risk indicators such as commodity risk, credit risk, currency risk, equity risk or political risk for selected countries and regions
  • Change the time frame to see daily or weekly risk scores


Patterns between proprietary data analytics and economic indicators

  • Explore correlations between sentiment, attention and financial returns for sectors, regions, companies or themes
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