For Institutional Investors

We deliver investment analytics via API or web-based application, supporting institutional investors across multiple stages of their decision-making process.

Source: Company Intelligence Analytics

For Discretionary Asset Managers

Identify outliers and new investment opportunities, spot risks and monitor trends


Screen through more than 50,000 stocks, industries and sectors and identify new investment opportunities and risks

Portfolio Monitoring

Discover trending events and monitor activity in your portfolio by spotting outliers

Validate House View

Monitor how institutional investors shift asset allocation to sectors, regions or market cap groups

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For Quantitative Asset Managers

Design alpha-generating systematic strategies for intermediate and long-term investing

Design Strategies

Sentiment and attention data can be used to design alpha-generating systematic strategies for intermediate frequency and long term investing

Generate Alpha

Backtests show significant outperformance against major equity benchmarks such as the S&P 500, Stoxx Europe 600 or SPI

Extensive Data Set

Our data set covers 50,000+ global assets with a high degree of granularity, delivered in real-time via API, FTP or web-based platform

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The graph shows time series of compound returns for two strategies which are based on two different versions of the attention-weighted sentiment score. Strategy 1 is rebalanced every 90 days while Strategy 2 is rebalanced every 30 days.
Source: Company Intelligence Analytics

For Risk & Regulatory Professionals

Spot and monitor companies affected by risks in your surveillance process

Ad hoc Surveillance

Access traditional and alternative news and monitor all your listed stocks at a glance

Early Detection

Detect unusual stock-specific sentiment and attention changes and make use of our extensive taxonomy of 9,000 events to identify early risk indicators

Peer Group Analysis

Identify outliers within the same industry or sector with our powerful peer group analysis


Visualize the newsflow and run sentiment, attention and price correlation for your listings

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