Company Intelligence Analytics

Company intelligence analytics provide insights on shifts in collective sentiment for assets, how that sentiment has changed over time and which segments of the market are driving sentiment shift (e.g. Portfolio Managers, Traders, Activists). Sentifi’s proprietary sentiment score on more than 45’000 listed companies enables cross sector and industry comparison.

Research Stage

Research stock, industry and sector sentiment shifts, evaluate outliers as investment opportunities and define alpha-generating strategies based on stocks with extreme positive or negative sentiment.

Portfolio Construction Stage

Validate your allocation by confirming stock sentiment shifts relative to peers and identify outliers in sectors or industries and decide allocation.

Portfolio Monitoring Stage

Evaluate extreme shifts in sentiment for stocks in your portfolio as potential buying or selling opportunities, assess stock sentiment correlation to price performance and apply sentiment shifts to validate the house view.

Portfolio Rebalancing Stage

Run sentiment, attention and price correlation for stocks in portfolio and decide on allocation changes.

Stock Overview & Performance

Overview of single stocks based on sentiment and attention in relation to the stock price and comparison of the respective sectors and industries

  • Screen through more than 50k stocks globally
  • See whether overall sentiment is negative, neutral or positive
  • Monitor how overall attention vs. stock price has developed
  • Compare how other companies within the same sector or industry perform in terms of price, sentiment and attention


Sentiment and attention by different influencer groups and original messages including tweets, news and blogs

  • Check which influencer group(s), such as risk professionals, activists or portfolio managers, are more positive or negative
  • Spot correlations between prices and sentiment or attention analytics
  • Access the top 10% influencers with the highest scores


Measurement of the sentiment before and after earnings releases over the past four quarters

  • Check how different influencer groups assess earnings
  • See whether influencers are bullish or bearish towards upcoming earning announcements


List of most discussed events related to a stock and overview of stocks within the respective sector or industry impacted by the same events

  • Identify trending events, such as M&A, asset impairment or fossil energy
  • Drill down in sentiment and attention metrics, to analyze single events
  • See original messages (news, blogs and tweets) filtered by trending events
  • Spot stocks in the industry or sector that are affected by the same events
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