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The combination of traditional and alternative data delivers unique insights

Better Investments with Collective Intelligence

Sentifi is an established fintech company and alternative data provider. We transform traditional and alternative raw data into investment analytics, supporting institutional investors across multiple stages of their decision-making process. Our solutions are used by leading financial services organizations to gain unique insights on over 50’000 companies, currencies, commodities, and the events that impact their valuation.

Our Journey to Date

Every day, humans across the globe produce 500 million tweets, 4 million blog entries and 2 million online news items – a number which continues to rise. Many investors still only rely on traditional financial information coming from Bloomberg, CNBC or the Wall Street Journal. We at Sentifi believe, that in an age where data is the new currency, there is real value in being able to make the best of both worlds by commingling traditional and alternative data – enabling investors to make better investment decisions.

Our first products were widgets which appear on the websites of financial news platforms and stock exchanges, providing readers with alternative information on listed stocks. Over the past 6 years, the creation and distribution of these widgets allowed us to develop proprietary technology, make our data analytics available to the financial public and build a strong brand. Today, our widgets are integrated on the websites of more than 50 publishers while we serve the world’s leading financial institutions with our B2B enterprise analytics.

Why Work With Us?

6 reasons you should partner with us

Sophisticated AI Engine & Taxonomy

We use machine learning and semantic methodologies to screen through millions of content pieces within seconds and recognizing what is being said by whom about a company, commodity or currency. We aggregate the content using a taxonomy of 9’000 events and a proprietary sentiment score.

Broad Asset Coverage

We track over 50K assets across the globe, including 45K listed companies, 5K non-listed companies, 1K currencies and 100 commodities. In addition to that, we provide another macro layer of analysis that includes industries, sectors, indices, regions and countries.

Unique Influencer Universe

We screened through more than 200 Million sources across to create a unique universe of 14 Million financially relevant classified and ranked influencers, including people and organisations, discussing financial assets, themes and events. We track content coming from news, blogs and tweets.

Premium Clients & Partners

With every client and partner we establish a lasting relationship including regular interactions, that allow us to grow and enhance our product offering. We’re proud to work with top tier publishers and financial institutions.

Proprietary Data Analytics

We have developed new proprietary investment analytics by commingling alternative data such as news, blogs and tweets with fundamental data, like asset prices or earnings.

Dedicated Team

Our team includes data scientists, content experts, academics, financial services experts, technology specialists and many more. We are proud to have diversity regarding culture and gender.

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Understanding how we use alternative data to support investment decisions making.