For Institutional Investors

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Discretionary Asset Managers

Identify outliers and new investment opportunities, spot risks and monitor trends

Quantitative Asset Managers

Design alpha-generating systematic strategies for intermediate and long-term investing.

Risk & Regulatory Professionals

Spot and monitor companies affected by risks in your surveillance process.

Your Challenge Is Our Added Value

How we address challenges across the investment process

Information Overload

By assessing more than 200 million sources, we identified, categorized and ranked the 14 million most relevant financial influencers, whose content reflects or affects the valuation of assets. We analyse their content using a taxonomy of 9’000 events and a proprietary sentiment score.

Finding an Edge

Backtest prove that our proprietary analytics, which are based on a universe of more than 50’000 assets, are useful to identify opportunities and risks, necessary for return generation.

Fear of Missing Out

Investors get unique, early and actionable insights by commingling traditional (asset prices, earnings and asset allocation) and alternative (news, blogs and tweets) data sets.

The Cost of Data

Through the structured delivery of commingled datasets, we save investors time in their research and investment process and make alternative data affordable.

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Why Sentifi?

6 reasons you should partner with us

Sophisticated AI Engine & Taxonomy

Our powerful engine includes an extensive taxonomy and monitors content effectively.

Unique Influencer Universe

Sentifi listens to 14 Million financially relevant influencers discussing financial assets, themes and events.

Broad Asset Coverage

Sentifi covers more than 50K assets including all listed stocks as well as currencies and commodities.

Proprietary Data Analytics

We commingle traditional and alternative data sets, delivering unique insights.

Premium Clients and Partners

We're proud to work with top-tier financial institutions and academic partners.

Dedicated Team

Our team is composed of data scientists, academics, financial services experts, technology specialists and many more.

Processed Sources
Monthly Messages
Ranked Influencers
Identified Assets

Latest News

Check out latest case studies, corporate news, and analytics insights

Weekly Investment Insights: Top ESG Performers

Weekly insights from Sentifi’s alternative data-based analytics derived from social media, news, and blogs for the week of

Weekly Investment Insights: Strongest Positive & Negative Sentiment Shifts

Weekly insights from Sentifi’s alternative data-based analytics derived from social media, news, and blogs for the week of

Our CEO Marina Goche pens an article for Investment Week highlighting how strong ESG performance does not need to be sacrificed to deliver shareholder and investment returns

Marina evaluates the importance of robust, dynamic ESG performance intelligence to efficiently allocate capital to truly strong ESG performers.

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