Yahoo to Become Altaba, Alibaba to Help Create U.S. Jobs

January 10, 2017

The end is nigh for Yahoo as the company reveals a plan to change its name to Altaba and allow CEO Marissa Mayer to resign should Verizon buy the company. Almost 5,000 voices in Sentifi financial crowd are talking about Yahoo and, so stay with Sentifi to not miss a beat in crowd’s insights.

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Marissa Mayer: Would walk away with a $55 million severance package

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The CEO, along with Yahoo cofounder David Filo and four other board members, will step down if the deal closes. Unfortunately, there’s a slight chance the deal could fall through after information about user’s accounts were hacked emerged. Personal information such names, email addresses, phone numbers, passwords, dates of birth, security questions and answers wear leaked. The attack took place three years ago but was only made public recently, with many speculating it being the biggest in history.

Jack Ma: Discusses relations with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump

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The CEO of Alibaba recently had a “great meeting” with Trump to discuss U.S.-China relations where both agreed the relations should be strengthened, more friendly and do better. Ma also said he would sell more U.S. goods to China through Alibaba trading platform while helping U.S. businesses create a million new jobs. Alibaba spokesman Bob Christie clarified that one million new jobs, which will be created over the next five years, will be tasked with interacting with Alibaba. In the past, Trump had criticized China’s currency manipulation and illegal subsidies and suggested a 45% import taxes on Chinese goods, a move that market researchers fear would trigger a trade war with China.

Steve Jobs: The world reminisces about Steve Jobs’ first iPhone presentation

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10 years ago, Steve Jobs delivered what is considered nowadays the greatest business presentation of all time — the iPhone launch at MacWorld on January 9, 2007. The presentation, consisted of 12,759 words spoken over 79 minutes, was proven to be one of the most momentous product launches for Apple, catapulting it to the dominant position in the phone and technology markets.

Fiat Chrysler & S. Marchionne: Would have to close plant in Mexico due to pressure from Trump

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CEO Sergio Marchionne announced the possible closure of his company’s car plants in Mexico would Trump follow through with his promises to impose tariffs on vehicles produced in Mexico but sold in the U.S. The tariffs will make production of anything in Mexico uneconomical, forcing a withdraw from the country. The situation that Chrysler is facing is shared by many other carmakers as Trump forces them to rethink future plans.

Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc.: Shares jump thanks to buyout news

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Japanese company Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. is reportedly considering an acquisition of Ariad for $5.2 billion. The deal will give Takeda a collection of drugs and treatments related to hematology and tumors. The deal is expected to close in February. Ariad shares jumped more than 70 percent following the news.

Merrimack Pharma: Shares trade up after a deal with Ipsen

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The shares of the drug company jumped 40 percent after it entered into a deal with Ipsen SA valued at more than $1 billion by selling its pancreatic cancer drug Onivyde and generic version of Doxil to Ipsen. Merrimack said thanks to the deal, its operating expenses are significantly reduced, while its capital structure is aligned with its new focus.

Surgical Care Affiliates: Is a target for an acquisition

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UnitedHealth Group has announced a plan to acquire Surgical Care Affiliates (SAC) for $2.3 billion. SAC is a chain of outpatient surgery centers. The acquisition represents the latest step in UnitedHealth’s evolution from a traditional insurer to a diversified health services company. SAC has 205 surgical facilities and partnerships with surgeons in 30 states. Plc.: Acquires Nasty Gal

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U.K. fashion brand is acquiring Los Angeles-based fashion brand and e-commerce provider Nasty Gal for $20 million. The acquisition is part of Nasty Gal’s bankruptcy sale, which includes certain IP assets and customer database. The once-highflying company filed for bankruptcy in November after having failed to secure additional funding.

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