Winners and Losers in the Financial Market under President Trump

November 10, 2016

Donald Trump presidency has been creating winners and losers in the global financial markets, with Russian stocks being one of the winners. To get the full picture of the financial impact of Trump presidency, stick with Sentifi.

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Russia Financial Market: Surges on Trump presidency

The benchmark Micex index soared to a nine-month high as speculations have been floating around that Trump will lift economic sanctions imposed on Russian companies after the Crimea annexation.

MXN: Crashes on Trump presidency

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The Mexican peso has been a poll for the U.S. presidential election; it jumped when Trump’s chances dropped. When Trump was officially named the 45th U.S. president, the currency nose dived 10 percent in a very short amount of time, a life low. It is expected to fluctuate severely in the next few days. Trump presidency is creating so much uncertainty in Mexico. Would the wall be built? Would the relations between the U.S. and Mexico be damaged, which will hurt Mexico’s economy greatly? And those uncertainties have led to massive economic sell-offs.

Tesco Bank: Over $3 million were stolen in cyberattack

The attack affected 9,000 customers in the so-called first mass hacking of accounts at a western bank. Since the attack, the bank had resumed full service and refunded all the affected customers, while reassuring that no customer data had been compromised. The investigations into the attack are still ongoing.

DJIA: Makes the biggest turnaround since 2008

The index nose dived as much as 800 points in late-night futures trading on Trump presidency, but it made a triumphant recovery by gaining 257 points, a fraction away from its all-time record closing high. The recovery struck a similarity to how the market reacted to Brexit back in June.

BAE Systems: Another winner thanks to Trump

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With the expectations that Trump will increase military spending, a whole slew of defense companies see their stocks go up, and BAE is one of the biggest gainers. The company’s shares jumped 7 percent. During his campaign, Trump pledged to rebuild the military and repeal the defense sequester.

Peabody Energy: Shares surge almost 50 percent after Trump’s win

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Trump has made it clear that he does not believe in climate change, calling it a hoax. He also said he would cancel the international climate treaty signed last year in Paris that would reduce emissions. Now that he’s the president, the company’s shares jump on hopes that Trump will keep his words and not put heavy regulations on the coal industry.

Priceline Group: Q3 revenue jumps 19 percent thanks to a surge in hotel bookings

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Travel website operator Priceline got a nice boost to its quarterly profit and revenue as hotel and rental car bookings surged during the third quarter. The company’s shares went up 5.4 percent following the news.

Cover Image: CNN Money

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