Weekly Market Movers: Department Stores on Top, Wineries & Distilleries Drop

August 26, 2019

Last week, the department stores industry saw the highest sentiment change with an increase of 42 points. Hudson’s Bay Co and Nordstrom Inc were amongst the companies with the highest aggregated sentiment score.

The sentiment for Hudson’s Bay Co. reached 37 points as Catalyst Capital Group, a Canadian private equity firm, purchased 10% of its shares at a price of C$ 10.11 per share. During the same period, Nordstrom also released its 2019 earnings guidance with an EPS of $3.25 – 3.50, compared to the estimate by Thomson Reuters of $3.27.

On the other hand, the industry ‘Beverages – Wineries & Distilleries’ was the worst performing industry with a sentiment drop of -37 points. Sentiment losers within the industry included Diageo PLC and Eastside Distilling.

Over the last week, Eastside Distilling Inc.’s sentiment dropped to -26 points. The company is expected to report negative EPS of ($0.24) for the current quarter on November 13th, according to Zacks. Meanwhile, Diageo’s sentiment score hit -6 points as its workers threaten to go on strike over pay after the majority of the employees rejected the 2.5% pay increase.


1 Companies that contributed most to last week’s industry sentiment change.

2  Top trending event related to the respective company.

3  Weekly aggregated company sentiment score (ranging from -100 to +100).

4  Weekly aggregated company attention buzz (the percentage by which the number of news, blogs and tweets about an asset deviates from normal attention).

*Industry name and classification as per Morning Star

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