Weekly Market Movers: Computer Systems on Top, Restaurants Drop

November 11, 2019

During the week of Nov 4 – 10, the Computer Systems industry ranked top with a sentiment increase of 42 points. HP and Lenovo were the main topics of discussion in news, blogs and tweets and achieved the highest sentiment scores in the category.

Top Industry: Computer Systems

Xerox is considering making a cash-and-stock offer for HP Inc. Xerox, which makes printers and copiers, has a market cap of $8.05 billion, less than a third of HP’s $27.27 billion market value. The potential deal boosted HP’s sentiment to a positive score of 47.

Chinese personal computer maker Lenovo Group Ltd reported a 20% year-on-year jump in second-quarter profit, slightly beating analysts’ estimates. Lenovo expects the global demand to “remain volatile amid a complex macro environment,” the company said in a statement. Lenovo’s sentiment reached 52 points.

Flop Industry: Restaurants

Meanwhile, it has been a rough week for two companies in the restaurant industry where sentiment dropped by 42 points for the period from Nov 4 to Nov 10: McDonald’s and Buffalo Wild Wings ranked bottom with a sentiment score of -70 and -59 respectively.

Former McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook could receive $70 million worth of stock and options in compensation. On top of that, he will be getting a cash severance of $700,000. McDonald’s fired Chief Executive Steve Easterbrook for violating company policy by having a consensual relationship with an employee. The sentiment for McDonald’s plunged to -70.

Two managers of Buffalo Wild Wings have been fired after a patron said they asked her group, which included black diners, to move because another customer in the restaurant was racist. After going back and forth with management, the group decided to walk out. Last week, the sentiment for Buffalo Wild Wings dropped to a level of -59 points.


1 Companies that contributed most to last week’s industry sentiment change.

2  Top trending event related to the respective company.

3  Weekly aggregated company sentiment score (ranging from -100 to +100).

4  Weekly aggregated company attention buzz (the percentage by which the number of news, blogs and tweets about an asset deviates from normal attention).

*Industry name and classification as per Morning Star