Top Stocks to Watch for Jan. 25: PSX, TRP, DD

January 25, 2017

Aetna continues to get downgraded as traders are advising each other to stay bearish on the company’s stock. The U.S. court’s decision to block Aetna-Humana merger on antitrust ground has proven to be troublesome for the company, especially it is also seeking approvals for the merger with Cigna. Close to 5,000 Sentifi voices are discussing the company, so stay tuned to Sentifi to get all the insights you need.

sentifi top stocks jan 25

Aetna Inc.: Downgrade, downgrade, downgrade

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With the Aetna-Humana merger almost dead, things even look worse for the company as traders expect the company to report smaller earning numbers than last year while some analysts have downgraded its stock. To be exact, they are expecting the EPS to be 20 percent lower than the same period last year. The stock traded down 1.39 percent, with some traders even being surprised that it didn’t go down lower. That said, being bearish is the way to go for Aetna stock.

Phillips 66: The crowd is expecting future growth

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The company’s shares jumped 2.36 percent as traders and analysts are expecting its EPS to be 34.17 percent higher than that of Wall Street’s expectations. Some traders are even more positive about the company’s prospects, arguing that it is possible long for swing trade.

Humana Inc.: Bad news caught up with the company

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Bad news of the block merger has finally caught up the insurance company as its shares traded down 2.73 percent and are still dropping. Many traders were regretting not buying the stock and selling it yesterday when it was trading up. A lot of traders made profit from the trade yesterday, and they are keeping a close eye on the stock. So buy at your own risk.

H&R Block Inc.: Traders are lukewarm

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Traders are putting H&R Block on the earning watch despite the fact that the company’s stock has moved in a downward direction lately. The lukewarm reaction from traders helped boost its stock up 0.96 percent. That said, the stock’s momentum has fallen for the last three days and the price has crossed below the 50MA, so many traders are marking it as bearish sign. Many are opting not to buy the stock.

SAP SE: Stock acts sluggish despite positive earnings

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The company reported an EPS of $1.52 for the most recent quarter, beating Wall Street expectations by $0.11, but the news hasn’t pushed the shares up too much. In fact, it’s more sluggish than a lot of traders expected. That said, many traders are predicting the company’s stock will hit a new all-time high. So buying is advised.

TransCanada: U.S. president helps boost the stock

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As soon as U.S. President Donald Trump renewed the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline which delivers oil from Canada to the U.S., the company’s stock jumped 3.58 percent. Needless to say, traders rejoice. They are recommending buy on the stock. Considering this is good news for midstream oil and gas companies, traders are expecting even more profit from companies in the sector. So this is one stock worth buying and the oil and gas sector is also worth keeping an eye on as well.

DuPont: Traders seem positive about its big merger

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DuPont has reassured investors that its merger with Dow Chemical is still on track to close in the first half of the year. To top it off, the company also released Q4 earnings that were better than analysts’ expectations. Staying bullish on the stock is the best way to go. Traders expect the stock to reach an all-time high at the time when the merger closes.

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