Top Stocks to Watch for Jan. 24: HUM, LMCA, QCOM

January 24, 2017

Aetna is on every trader’s lips today after the company saw a loss of 2.72 percent in its shares because a U.S. district judge blocked its $37 billion merger with Humana. Stay with Sentifi to find out if Aetna should be on your to-buy list.

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Aetna Inc.: Traders are taking bearish positions

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Traders don’t have much hope for the Aetna-Humana merger as they’re taking a bearish stand on Aetna shares after making no profit due to the value drop. But, there are a handful of traders who are considering the low price of the stock a bargain. Aetna is trading at a 41 percent discount, a cheap price that most can afford in hopes of the merger making it through the regulations eventually.

Humana Inc.: Offers a more bullish choice for traders

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Despite being the other half of the blocked merger, the company are seeing an increase of 1.94 percent in its shares as analysts are expecting a 60.3 percent earnings growth in three years from the company. Thus, that expectation is instilling some positivity and bullish feelings into traders. That said, because of the news about the blocked merger, some traders acted on their instinct and sold the company’s stock to avoid unnecessary downside risk and are regretting their decision. So staying in or buying the stock is the way to go.

Liberty Media: Traders are still bullish on the stock

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With the closure of its acquisition of Formula One and the appointment of former Fox executive Chase Cary as its CEO, traders are having high hopes for the company’s future performance, and stay bullish on its stock.

Qualcomm: Traders advise to stay bullish

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Even though the U.S. semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company just lost 12.61 percent of its market value, the traders of the financial markets have opted to stay bullish on the company due to a few reason. First, Samsung just posted a whopping 50 percent jump in Q4 operating profit to $7.93 billion (or 9.22 trillion won), the highest in over three years and matching its prior guidance of 9.2 trillion won. Second, being of the the biggest chip suppliers to Samsung, traders are betting that Qualcomm will also see a jump in profit in its earning report which will come out very soon. So buy the stock and stay for the bounce is the call many traders are making.

Halliburton Co.: Bearish is the sentiment

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One of the world’s largest oil service companies is posting a plunge of 87.1 percent in Q4 earnings to merely 4 cents per share, despite beating analysts expectations by 2 cents. As expected, the company’s shares traded down 3.05 percent, with a lot of traders selling the company’s stock and bailing. The consensus appears to be that the company’s prospects are quite gloomy, which echoes the current state of the energy sector.

LG Display Co.: Bullish, but long or short?

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The South Korean company posts a record Q4 operating profit thanks to a surge in panel prices. The profit comes in at $778.33 million. This has helped propel the company’s stock up by 4.67 percent. A lot of traders are taking the bullish position on the stock, but they pose a popular question: Should they play the stock short-term or long-term? One of the popular opinions is traders should stay bearish or short-term on the stock considering that the latest forecast sales for the company indicates no rise this year.

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