Top Stocks to Watch for Feb. 6: JWN, WMT, TIF

February 6, 2017

Nordstrom has decided to stop selling Ivanka Trump’s products due to poor sales, a decision that has divided the stock markets in terms of being bearish or bullish. To know what the Sentifi financial crowd thinks of the stock, join the conversations on Sentifi to harness and share insights.

sentifi top stocks february 6

Nordstrom Inc.: Bearish or bullish? That’s the question

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A huge number of traders are predicting the company’s shares will take a huge drop following its decision to drop Ivanka Trump’s products. Thus, a lot of them are staying bearish on the stock. At the other end of the spectrum, staying bullish is advised as the company will be reporting its Q4 results very soon and is expected to do much better than the last quarter. Wall Street’s consensus for the EPS is 1.15, compared to 0.84 in the last quarter. Both the bears and bulls have a strong case, so this might be a tough one.

Wal-Mart: Admits defeat, triggering a bearish state

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The retail giant has scrapped its $49-per-year ShippingPass service, which was meant to compete against Amazon Prime. This deals a huge blow in Wal-Mart’s e-commerce strategy of competing aggressively with Amazon. That caused many traders to flee the stocks. Wal-Mart will also report its numbers for Q4 very soon, and it doesn’t look good. Wall Street expected the EPS to come in at 1.3, which is lower than the 1.49 EPS of the same period last year, representing a decline in sales. Many traders are taking the advantage of the cheap price of the stock, but overall, the sentiment is bearish.

Tiffany & Co.: Replaces CEO ahead of first-ever Super Bowl ad

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Following disappointing quarterly results, the company has abruptly replaced CEO Frederic Cumenal by chairman and former CEO Michael Kowalski on the interim. Thus, traders are looking at the stock as a nice short. The consensus is stay bearish on the stock until the company picks up momentum with its strategies of cutting costs, rolling out new products and increasing its marketing.

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