Top Stocks to Watch for Feb. 16: TIO Networks, Groupon

February 16, 2017

TIO Networks and Groupon are the bullish stocks to watch in the market as M&A news and earnings report continue to drive bullish engagements. Stay on Sentifi to find all market insights and trading tips straight from Sentifi financial group.

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Humana Inc.: Refuses to participate in ObamaCare

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The federal regulators have given Humana and Aetna a tough time. Two of the largest insurers in the U.S. wanted to merge, but antitrust risks were too great for the regulators to approve it, and now the future of the merger seems shaky. Humana has now announced it won’t participate in ObamaCare medical insurance exchanges in 2018, a move that was surprisingly well-received by traders and investors. The company’s stock moved up following the news. Whether the stock will keep rising remains to be seen, but traders have lots of doubts it will as they consider it a mere short-term reaction.

TIO Networks: Receives an offer from PayPal

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The Canadian bill management company has received an all-cash takeover offer of $233 million from PayPal as the payment giant is looking for a market of customers who pay bills at kiosks in locations such as Rite Aid. The offer attracted traders who helped increase the stock market value of TIO by 5.1 percent. PayPayl’s shares increased 21 percent in the past year, and if that’s any indication, TIO Networks will be in good hands if the takeover happens. Thus, many traders have labeled the stock as bullish.

Aetna Inc.: Criticizes ObamaCare

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After having to cancel the $34 billion merger with rival Humana, company’s CEO Mark Bertolini proceeded to criticize the Affordable Care Act, going as far as to say it is in “a death spiral.” He predicted more insurers will soon follow Humana’s footsteps and pull out of the ObamaCare market. The company’s stock increased 2.06 percent, but the stock is still in the grey as its next step and its future in ObamaCare remain unclear.

Peugeot SA: Looks to expand its footprint in Europe

Groupe PSA, the parent company of Peugeot SA, is in high-level negotiations with General Motors for its European operations which include Opel and Vauxhall. Groupe is looking to improve its profitability and operational efficiency, and it found Opel is the solution to many of its needs. The company’s stock dropped slightly following the news, only 0.13 percent, as the traders are still sharing thoughts on how the acquisition will help Groupe in general and Peugeot in particular.

Groupon Inc.: Has a great stock day

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A strong Q4 earnings report from the company has propelled its stock up by more than 22 percent. Traders are calling the stock a great long opportunity and flagging it as bullish. Some traders have put in orders for more of the company’s stocks. Some even call it the new Amazon. For this year, the company expects a growth of $40 million to $90 million year over year. It also plans to exit 11 countries while being confident that it will boost the its earnings. A good report and good prospects have made the company one of the most sought-after stocks in the market.

Fortress Investment Group: SoftBank made an offer for the group

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SoftBank has made a $3.3 billion takeover offer for Fortress Investment Group in its quest to expand capabilities, create SoftBank Vision Fund platform, and accelerate SoftBank 2.0 transformation strategies. Fortress shares jumped almost 30 percent. Despite more and more traders acquiring the stock, many said it’s necessary to avoid emotional trading. For now, the company’s stock is as bullish as it can be.

Verizon Communications: Pays $250 million less for Yahoo’s business

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Verizon has succeeded in persuading Yahoo to lower the price of its core internet business as a way to reflect the economic damage from two cyber attacks. Though the talks ended with an advantage for Verizon, its stock went down 0.33 percent, but many traders are saying the stock has a nice long position.

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