Thursday Briefing: SolarCity and Synergies with Tesla

June 23, 2016

SolarCity is on top of Sentifi Attentions list today after it got attention from Tesla. The deal has yet to be approved, but the crowd is already talking about the synergies between the two companies. How can SolarCity contribute to the empire Elon Musk wants to build? And how can Tesla help SolarCity excel at what it does? Besides asking questions and speculating on the future, the crowd is also talking about the pound which jumped today ahead of the EU referendum. The jump represents a confidence from the market that a Brexit will not happen. The crowd is talking a lot about these topics and other topics as well, so read on and find out the important stories on Sentifi.


1/ SolarCity Corp: Shares continue to rise with Tesla’s offer [4,815 messages in the last 24h]

The company’s shares increased an additional 3.26% today. The future synergies between the two companies are being widely discussed, with SolarCity providing energy to the charging stations for Tesla cars and even to the car owners’ home. Tesla may even feature SolarCity’s products in their showrooms as well, benefiting the company while expanding the potential user base for both companies.

2/ GBP: Jumps ahead of Brexit vote [1,820 messages in the last 24h]

Pound jumps ahead of the referendum, reflecting the market’s confidence that a Brexit won’t happen.

The pound unexpectedly climbed to a six-month high against the dollar when the referendum is only hours away, which is indicative of a market that supports a Remain vote. With the polls swinging back to Remain side, the confidence of the market in a Remain vote shows it may know something the public has yet to know.




3/ Adobe Systems: Struggles to get back investors’ confidence [600 messages in the last 24h]

Adobe revealed its better-than-expected quarterly earnings and a slow future revenue outlook. The first was a good move from the company to excite the investors about its current standing. But, the latter was a bad move as it suggested that the company may experience a slowdown faster than the investors had expected. And that move sent its shares down 6%. In order to get the confidence of the investors back and recoup the loss of its stock value, it has to perform better than its initial guidance.

4/ Grexit: Is speculated to take place if a Brexit happens [426 messages in the last 24h]

If a Brexit happens, it can change the face of the European Union, according to the opinions of the crowd. Grexit and Swexit may follow. Greece is still undergoing an economic crisis and vulnerable to any change to the EU. Plus, many Greeks blame the EU for its current economic state, and would like to leave the bloc for stability.

5/ Debenhams: Releases a profit warning [323 messages in the last 24h]

Due to a volatile trading environment, the department stores chain decided to issue a profit warning that will see its gross margins flat for this fiscal year, down from growth between 0 and 50 basis points. This caused the company’s shares to fall almost 6% immediately. Former CEO Michael Sharp still remains confident that the company will be able to hit full-year profit goal.

6/ Bed Bath & Beyond: Reports lackluster quarterly earnings [280 messages in the last 24h]

The company’s shares dropped 5% after it posted a decline in first-quarter net income and flat sales. Net income fell from $158.5 million to $122.6 million, with sales staying flat at $2.7 billion. The poor performance reflects the company’s struggle against the growing shift to e-commerce.

7/ Lyft: Pledges to diversify its staff [225 messages in the last 24h]

OMAHA  --A Lyft driver crosses the bridge during the Lyft Omaha Community Kickoff on April 25, 2014 at House of Loom in Omaha. Lyft will be offering their driving service in Omaha for free until May 8, 2014. SARAH HOFFMAN/THE WORLD-HERALD
Customers may soon see more diversification from Lyft’s drivers. (Sarah Hoffman/The World Herald)

In an effort to help the technology industry reflect the population of the country, the White House has started an initiative called Tech Inclusion Pledge that will ask companies such as Airbnb, Lyft and Spotify, to diversify its staff. Thirty three companies have committed to the effort. Lyft will also pull its weight, but given the fact with it controversial driver background checks, it has a long way to go to contribute to the effort.




8/ Zenith Bank PLC: Faces a threat of fund withdrawal [203 messages in the last 24h]

The National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE) of Nigeria has threatened to withdraw its fund in Zenith and two other major banks due to their mass retrenchment of workers and refusal to let the employees join unions. The baking sector in the country is going through a huge wave of retrenchment, along with anti-union policy created by banks. The NUEE has urged the banks to revert their policies.

9/ Piramal Enterprises: Expects a split in business [185 messages in the last 24]

With the cement sector in India going through a tough time, Piramal is planning to split itself into two entities. One will focus on the financial services, and the other will target the pharma and information technology. It’s an attempt from the conglomerate to simplify itself and everything else for investors.

10/ Pioneer Resources: Plans for a lithium exploration program [138 messages in the last 24h]

After acquiring Mavis Lithium Project, Pioneer is now the front-runner in the lithium sector. Now the company just got an approval for a trading halt from the ASX to increase capital in preparation of a drilling program for high-grade, well-evolved, lithium bearing pegmatites.

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