Siemens Pursues Industry 4.0 with $4.5 Billion Acquisition

November 15, 2016

Siemens has acquired Mentor Graphics for $4.5 billion in pursuit of Industry 4.0 and relevancy in manufacturing technology. The merger is expected to usher in a new wave of M&A between industrial manufacturers and electronic design automation companies. To stay on top of this new movement, stay tuned to Sentifi.

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Mentor Graphics & Siemens AG: Shares jump 18.5 percent on the merger

Top themes and market attention on:

Top themes and market attention on:

Mentor provides Siemens with all software needed to develop complex electronic machinery such as aeroplanes, trains and cars. It also helps the German company become more agile and a foothold in the paradigm shift toward complex and smart connected products such as automation vehicles.

Legal & General: Completes a £1.1 billion pension buyout

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The buyout is for the Vickers Group Pension Scheme, which is part of the Rolls-Royce Group. The group covers over 11,000 members. The company’s shares jumped 2.4 percent. The company said it is still on track to double sales in retirement business this year.

DryShips Inc.: Shares jump 215 percent

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The massive stock jump followed the news that the company is working with lenders to restructure its bank credits facilities. The other reason behind the stock jump is the speculation circulating in the financial crowd suggests that demand for shipping capacity has started to increase.

PepsiCo Inc.: Lost a mere 1.75 percent in stock value

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The stock fell following CEO Indra Nooyi’s comment regarding President-elect Donald Trump that has angered many Trump supporters on social media. They even called for a boycott of Pepsi products. In her comment, she said Trump was terrifying her employees, and she had to answer their questions about safety and equality which are at risk under Trump presidency.

Naver Corporation: Partners with SoftBank to launch a global investment fund

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The fund will be worth $43 million and aim at seeking out investment for Naver’s Snow and Webtoon services. Snow is a Snapchat clone that was subject to a bid from Facebook recently, and Webtoon offers a Netflix-like service for online cartoons which is available on the web or in apps for iOS and Android.

Greencore: Wants to acquire U.S.-based Peacock Foods for $748 million

Top themes and market attention on:

Britain’s biggest sandwich maker wants to use the acquisition as a leverage to transform its U.S. business. The company’s shares jumped 12 percent following the news. The company already produces sandwiches, salads, sushi and desserts for Starbucks and 7-Eleven among others. It expects the merger will more than quadruple its total sales in the U.S. and contribute around 42 percent of group revenue.

Reed Hastings: Rumor about Disney circulates the market

There’s an interesting rumor going around in the market. Disney is looking into acquiring Netflix, and will replace its current CEO Bob Iger with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

SAIC Motor Corp.: Signs an agreement with Audi to see Audi cars made in China

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The “cooperation framework agreement” will likely pave the way for Audi to produce its luxury cars in China with SAIC. Both sides will continue the talks to make that a reality.

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