Sentifi CEO presents Social Listening & Financial Crowd-Intelligence at Unicom Conference UK

June 30, 2017

Sentifi, the world’s largest platform of financial crowd intelligence, presents their innovative technology at Unicom’s AI, Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis Applied to Finance conference in London.

Sentifi CEO Dr. Anders Bally joins speakers from Thompson Reuters, IBM and Bloomberg to present Social Listening & Financial Crowd-Intelligence. During his talk, Bally demonstrates how Sentifi technology “listens” to billions of relevant financial voices and turns them into unique insights; including case-studies where Asset Managers and Investors have utilized the power of the crowd to monitor markets and uncover risks and opportunities.

“In the early 90’s, the majority of financial market participants relied on news from services like Bloomberg and Reuters. 20 years later, they still do” said Bally during his presentation “During the same period, our society went through a communication paradigm shift. Now more than 2 billion people walk around with mobile devices and communicate what they see and think on social media. These billions of voices, when structured, can generate insights which can drive intelligent investment decisions. Sentifi structures and delivers these insights, providing an information advantage globally.”

As leaders in Data Science and Machine Learning technology, Bally will also participate in the panel discussion Machine Learning and Data Science for Financial Analytics. Sentifi Head of Data Science Salman Jaffer will lead the post conference workshop Novel Data Sources and Content for Financial Markets.

About Sentifi
Winner of the 2016 Swiss Fintech award, Sentifi is the largest online platform of crowd-based insights for global financial markets. Since their launch in 2012, Sentifi has grown to meet the demands of global financial markets; expanding from their headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland to offices around the world. Real-time Sentifi technology can be found around the clock on platforms of the leading financial services and newspapers in the world, including Money Control, BSE India, 20 Minutes, Cash and OnVista. For more information, visit