Sentifi launches Stock Market Insights for Android

July 4, 2017

Released today, Sentifi for Android offers users the power of financial crowd-intelligence at their fingertips. Recognized for being the largest source of structured data from social media, traditional news and blogs, Sentifi for Android now delivers real-time notifications and financial market insights to uncover risks and opportunities on the world’s largest mobile platform.

Android users of Sentifi will be able to:

  • Customize up to 5 watchlist and monitor the assets, currencies and commodities most important to your portfolio.
  • Receive real time updates if assets in your portfolio receive significant attention or have new potential risks.
  • Uncover the top trending events for your portfolio
  • Discover new insights about your assets from top ranked financial influencers

“We are proud to launch Sentifi for Android” said CEO Dr. Anders Bally. “It is an important step to make the crowd sourced insights on stocks and other assets accessible for investors improving their investment decisions”

Monitor your portfolio, track your assets and access real time notifications on Android


About Sentifi

Winner of the 2016 Swiss Fintech award, Sentifi is the largest online platform of crowd-based insights for global financial markets. Since their launch in 2012, Sentifi has grown to meet the demands of global financial markets; expanding from their headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland to offices around the world. Real-time Sentifi technology can be found around the clock on platforms of the leading financial services and newspapers in the world, including Money Control, BSE India, 20 Minutes, Cash and OnVista.