Sentifi launches Portfolio Intelligence Platform for Retail Investors

January 13, 2021

Institutional tools measuring stock sentiment now available to retail investors

London & Zurich, 13th January 2021Sentifi, an award winning alternative data provider, has today announced that it is launching a new intelligence platform for retail investors.

The platform, Portfolio Intelligence for Retail Investors, will enable retail investors to monitor sentiment shifts for their equities portfolio as a whole, or for individual positions in real-time, and make informed decisions on when to enter, increase, decrease or exit a position. Through the platform, users will be able to detect valuable intelligence among large volumes of unstructured data, and make faster and better-informed investment decisions.

Sourcing investment opportunities and managing investment risk in today’s volatile market means monitoring a constantly expanding universe of stock-related updates on social media, news and blogs from credible sources of intelligence. Whilst institutional investors have deep pools of capital to source and monitor these data sets, these types of signals have previously been unavailable to retail investors.

Using its mature AI engine, Sentifi is able to take a unique approach to screening a vast pool of structured and unstructured data sets, and present them to retail investors in a dynamic and modern web-based solution. Its analytics cover over 50,000 stocks, currencies, commodities and indices, and monitors allocation decisions across 150,000 active and passive funds. It also tracks stock level sentiment from over 8 million financially relevant tweets, and 800,000 news and blogs daily.

The new platform equips investors with the tools to:

– Track when the risk profile of stocks in a portfolio is changing in real time
– Understand how institutional investors are shifting their allocation to sectors, regions, market caps and stocks, and assess whether an investor should follow their lead
– Detect outliers in a portfolio that represents an investment opportunity or risk signal
– Understand the portfolio’s exposure to market- moving events as they occur

“Alternative data offers investment insights previously unavailable in traditional data sets, and Sentifi is democratizing access to these insights with this platform,” said Marina Goche, CEO of Sentifi.

“When it comes to investing, information or trading signals that does not come directly from the issuing company is crucial when looking to make informed investment decisions. Sentifi’s new platform now enables non-institutional investors to monitor investment signals from a diverse range of sources including Twitter, news outlets and blogs to formulate their investment strategy and monitor their portfolios,” added Goche.

About Sentifi

Established in 2012, Sentifi is an award-winning alternative data provider boasting a mature AI platform suitable for all types of retail and institutional investors. Sentifi’s investment analytics are leveraged by leading institutional investors to make informed investment decisions to generate above benchmark returns.

Sentifi ingests unstructured data from social media, news, and blogs, capturing and making sense of investment signals using its mature AI platform. Its analytics cover over 50k stocks, currencies, commodities and indices, and monitors allocation decisions across 150k active and passive funds. The Sentifi platform can also drill into investment and allocation trends across different regions and industries, and can track how top funds have shifted allocation.