Sentifi launches algorithm based financial event detection for investment decisions

June 12, 2015

Zurich, June 12, 2015 –, a leading Crowd-Intelligence platform for financial markets, releases today a beta version of a new artificial intelligence based service identifying important events and issues related to listed stocks worldwide. This increases the efficiency of market monitoring for market participants and allow them to receive signals not available in classical financial information systems.

The final objective is to offer a 360° view of all aspects with a financial impact on any listed company. The impact of events and issues can be seen on a company level or on a portfolio of companies. In this way it is possible to see in one view for example which of the FTSE 350 companies being associated with M&A activities – updated every hour. Blog1_01


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Signals and insights from the crowd are generated from machine based text analysis of publicly available news, blogs and tweets. Using financial big data and self-learning technologies, Sentifi structures more than 6 million messages per day from the above mentioned 1.2 million stakeholders. Each message that can be allocated to one or more of the 40’000+ listed companies, indices, currencies and commodities which Sentifi analyses will then be matched with several million variations of financial events and issues. Finally every message is ranked according to its financial relevance so that readers can focus on the most important ones only.

“This is an important milestone in Sentifi’s strategy to build and keep its position as a global leader in Crowd-Intelligence for global financial markets” says Anders Bally, Founder and CEO of Sentifi. “Similar to other disruptive crowd-based models such as Uber, Spotify and Airbnb, Sentifi continues to invest heavily in building and expanding a scalable technological platform to interact with the crowd” he adds.


Sentifi is a leading Crowd-Intelligence platform for financial markets globally. Founded in 2012, the Swiss fintech company today employs more than 50 talented employees from several countries. Sentifi enables investors and other financial market stakeholders to tap into the online available intelligence of millions of persons and organisations using big data, machine learning and semantic methodologies. Financial Analysts, Portfolio Managers, Journalists and other market participants can increase efficiency of market monitoring by a number of times and can receive different signals not available in classical financial information systems.

High-level results of Sentifi Analyses are made available at no cost on and to millions of readers in leading newspapers and newsportals around the world – currently in five countries on two continents. The analyses capturing the heartbeat of 1.2 million persons and organisations are updated every hour.



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