Sentifi Going to Sentiment Analysis Conference July 14-15

July 7, 2016

Sentifi is honored to be a participant and a bronze sponsor of the AI, Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis Applied to Finance Conference, which will take place at the heart of the U.K., London, on July 14 and 15.


Organized by UNICOM Seminars and OptiRisk Systems, an optimization and risk analytics firm focusing in the applications to finance, the conference is heading into its sixth year. With AI and machine learning being the theme of this year, the purpose is to reach out to the niche market in fintech that analyzes sentiment in finance, and share the most current updates and innovations in the domain with them.

Sentifi, which is short for Sentiment in Finance, extracts the sentiment from the crowd intelligence and elevates it to provide the basis for investments, and that makes the fintech company perfect for this conference.

A room packed of guests at Behavioral Models & Sentiment Analysis Applied to Finance in 2015.

Sentifi CEO and Founder Anders Bally will be a speaker at the conference. He will share knowledge on social listening and financial crowd intelligence, and how those aspects can provide an information advantage to the financial market participants.

Despite being hosted in London, Brexit so far has no negative impact on the conference. In fact, it works to the conference’s advantage. Dr. Xiang Yu, the business development techno executive at OptiRisk Systems, said: “Sentiment analysis is most effective in times of surprise with unexpected news such as Brexit. Premature signals and signs are first evident in non-mainstream media such as Twitter, so this will be a hot topic that will be discussed at the conference. ”

15 speakers have registered for the conference thus far, along with 17 sponsors and partners, including Thomson Reuters, RavenPack, CAIA, GARP, CQF and Automated Trader.

The conference really speaks volumes about the current state of fintech, about which Dr. Yu is optimistic. “Fintech has a bright future. Just look at all the brilliant ideas and products being brought to the fintech market. The ability to automate processes changes everything in terms of efficiency, speed and boundaries,” she said. “There is still skepticism from traditional players in the market and unwillingness to adopt new technologies, but on the other hand, there are plenty of tech savvy individuals who can envision, and more importantly implement, a new way of working.”

The next conferences will take place in March 2017, with Bangalore and Singapore being the host countries.