Sentifi Enters Into Partnership With Argus Data Insights For Company And Industry Intelligence Products

July 16, 2018

In a cooperation with ARGUS DATA Insights, Sentifi brings Crowd Intelligence based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to the new ARGUS PREDICT IndustryScan. The IndustryScan delivers reports with specific Industry Insights, using Sentifi’s comprehensive database, and offers broader scanning of business environment without the need for specific keywords.

Argus Data Insights, the leading provider of media intelligence and analytics solutions, believes that the partnership offers a quick and reliable way to identify relevant topics and events, prepare reports and serve as a foundation for better business and investment decision with the sources of Sentifi’s database.

Using artificial intelligence, Sentifi monitors more than one billion pieces of content daily in German and English, whose sources are identified and ranked to generate a pool of influencers that have measurable impact on the markets. These messages coming from blogs, news and tweets are automatically categorized into six topics: financial markets, corporate issues, economy & business, regulations, politics & society, and ecology & sustainability. Using this data together with other external factors like share prices, market indices and exchange rates give traders and investors a picture of how the topic is discussed in the financial crowd globally.

About Sentifi

Sentifi is a leading provider of financially relevant Crowd Intelligence. Our solutions are used by the world’s leading financial services organizations to gain unique insights on over 50 thousand traded companies, currencies and commodities and the events that impact them. Sentifi uses machine learning to rank and listening to over 14 million financial influencers and connect them with events impacting global assets. Our customers use this insight to make better investment decisions, often ahead of the markets.  Our solutions are also used by over 50 of the world’s leading financial publications to attract new customers, retain them and drive additional revenue.

Sentifi is headquartered in Switzerland with offices in Zurich and Ho Chi Minh City.  The company was awarded the Swiss FinTech Award in 2016.

Press Contact
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Partner I Sentifi AG
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