Sentifi Eases the Pains in the Stock Market

October 27, 2017

The stock market is full of opportunities to buy and sell, but it also comes with pains and frustration. We at Sentifi understand and aim to create the right products to make trading a breeze without the baggage. Here are how Sentifi can ease the pains of the stock market.

1/ Know information as soon as someone shares it:

Spontaneity is a necessary virtue to trade effectively, but it’s difficult to keep up with new and valuable information when it’s coming from million of sources and traders in the market. Sentifi has just the solution: Real-time alerts. If you have an specific asset in your watchlist, our system will send you an alert in real time should a tweet, a conversation or a debate about it arises so you can act as soon as possible.

sentifi alerts

2/ Know what to buy and what to sell:

sentifi trending

The stock market is a sea of information, and picking the right information to devise trading strategy from can be tough since information overload is a risk. Sentifi eases that pain by displaying clearly and in the most informative way all the current trends in the stock market, so you can base your strategy on it without missing a beat.

3/ Reliable information:

Being a vast sea of information, sometimes the stock market proves to be tricky when it comes to filtering out the trustworthy information from the flock. Relevancy is all that matters, so we have profiled and ranked more than 5 million relevant voices in the global stock markets that we dub the Sentifi influencers. By listening to them, you are guaranteed to receive relevant information for your trading strategy without the noise.

sentifi crowd

4/ Plan ahead:

Being spontaneous is good, but being prepared for what’s to come is better, and it holds true especially in the stock market. Devising trading strategy to capitalize on imminent stock movement can both maximize the profit and minimize the risk. Sentifi listens and collects all rumors to show you the trends before they become obvious to all.

sentifi bat

5/ Convenience:

Technology is an integral part of the stock market. Every one must educate oneself on multiple softwares and computer know-how to participate in the stock market, which can be a daunting and confusing task without a direction. Sentifi offers user-friendly tools that are easy to learn and to master. By spending just a few minutes with our tools, you can set up watchlists, listen to the crowd, and extract valuable information from the crowd-intelligence.

sentifi what is hot

If you want to take advantage of what Sentifi offers, you can sign up for a free account here.