Netflix: How social media moves stock prices

December 29, 2013

Bridging the gap between traditional and new media has been the driving force in developing Sentifi. In an interview with CEO Anders Bally, he identifies how financial news media has failed to evolved with the emerging media markets around it.

“Having working extensively in finance during the last 20 years, I witnessed the Netflix investigations and knew Sentifi was the solution to the financial world” said Bally. In December 2012 – only a week after having founded Sentifi, the CEO of Netflix receives a message from his team, that for the first time, the customers of Netflix have downloaded more than 1 Billion hours of video in one month. He was so happy that he posted a message on Facebook to all his friends. The stock of Netflix went up 6% that the day.

The next day he was sued by institutional investors – because they do not have access to social media like Facebook.

Then came SEC and intervened and telling that the have failed to recognize that social media is a common way of communicating in our generation. As of April 13th, 2014 this was put into effect.

More than 2 years later, most asset managers and traders still do not have access to social media – banks and asset managers ban access to social media during work time.

Even those who do not, are not really helped. What do you do you with 5000 tweets about Apple stock last 5 days?

Here at Sentifi – we sort which one of the 5000 twits are from relevant sources and then we extract only the most important insights of them for investors. The investors do not even need to know how twitter works.