Sentifi Case Study: How do Ebola outbreaks affect the global economy

August 6, 2014

In August 2014, Sentifi CEO Anders Bally spoke with the manager of a billion dollar fund, and  was asked about the impact of Ebola on his fund. The investor wanted to know if there were any macroeconomic impacts on his portfolio. The fund manager could not answer that question. Sentifi CEO Anders Bally helped him scan his universe of more than 200 securities to see which one was related to Ebola. The answer? “It was copper” said Bally. “We digged in and found blogs; personal accounts by individuals about people dying in copper mines in Congo.” This is where Bally recognized that critical information related to investments are often overlooked by traditional news sources.

The blogs accounted how 2 major mines closed, and nobody talked about it for 2 weeks. Then Botswana rejected transport of copper from Congo and the world woke up and started to write about it.

Congo is the largest copper producer in Africa; receiving billions of dollars of copper investments.