SENTIFI BRIEFING: The Secret of the Arrows

March 17, 2016

Hello there,

oliverIt’s Oliver Stock here! You may know me from my time at the Handelsblatt as Deputy Editor-in-Chief. Now I am at Sentifi, holding the Chief Editor title. A big leap, I know. This is my first ever post on Sentifi blog, and believe me, this is a good one.

I’m bringing you two good news, and I promise there are more to come.

The first good news is we’ve added a small update to our topic screens and widgets to help you better visualize the trending events.

blog hinh 1

They are called the Trending Arrows. Their job is to help you quickly pinpoint rise and decline in the importance of relevant events related to listed stocks, commodities, currencies, etc. I personally think they are pretty neat, and I hope you do as well.

The second piece of good news is this blog will be more alive. What that entails is regular updates about Sentifi, our products, and how we help you find financial relevant information. You have two options as to what to do with those updates. You can read them, or ignore them.

On second thought, please don’t ignore them.

My time at Sentifi is still short, but what stands out to me is we do things different here.

Sentifi Engine digs through lots of information to uncover hidden gems in the financial markets. A timely example is the case of two Asian insurance groups: Anbang and Ping An. The global attention is on Anbang’s recent bold move which is bidding for Starwood Hotels Group. But, our widget is sharing the rising opportunity of Ping An and its plan to increase roughly 9% market cap by spinning off Internet finance firm Lufax in an IPO*.

 blog hinh

Considering my position at Sentifi, I happen to know of more exciting news that will be heading your way soon. I can’t wait to share it to you. Stay tuned.

Until next time,
Sentifi Chief Editor


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