SENTIFI BRIEFING: Birth of Sentifi Insights

April 8, 2016

Hello there again,

Step by step we are working to make the signals from the financial crowd more helpful for professionals and for all of you, who want to know what’s going on in the financial markets. And I’d like to let you know, that we have already reached the next step: We created a new site for insights. We call it Sentifi Insights.

It is a hub for content produced by our Community Engagement team to give you an overview of what’s going on in the global markets.

The content comes in two forms: stories and videos. Stories give you a detailed look at the signals. You can even try looking for those signals yourself using the links to our products we embed in the stories. Videos present a more personal look with analysis and in-depth discussions about some extraordinary signals, such as the one we found about the battle between Daimler and Tesla or the discussion in China about the censorship of the Panama Papers.

Our purpose is to spark questions and conversations. Did you know, that Tesla has sold more of its flagship cars than Daimler has? Should the biggest newspaper in Hong Kong cover the story about the relationship between Chinese politicians and Panama on the front page?

Scrolling past the stories and the videos, and you’ll find our hourly updated widgets which inform you of the most discussed stocks and economic events. And to the right of those informative widgets are our global activities on Twitter.

Is it just another news site? Never. What we are doing is different from everything you’ve ever seen. Sentifi knows the biggest part of financial relevant communication has moved to the online realm of social media and blogs. And with that not only does the wisdom of millions of people get more transparent, it becomes more influential.

This is the first version of the page, and we are working hard to optimize it everyday. It is not finished yet; it’s just the beginning. But I think in the digital world, it is not helpful to show only the final results. It is better to see the work in progress. Because such is life. We are always walking on our timeline, and if we stand still, we are on the fast lane to be out of the game. Stay tuned!

Remarks? Feedback? They are welcome. Please write me at [email protected].

Until next time,

Oliver Stock