Sentifi announces addition of alternative data into Morningstar Data products

December 8, 2021

London, 8th December 2021 – Sentifi, an award-winning alternative data provider, has today announced that Morningstar will include Sentifi’s analytics in its Data products.

Morningstar will be integrating Sentifi’s sentiment and attention analytics into its Data products as an additional toolset, further equipping redistributors, advisors, and asset managers to keep pace with market shifts and price signals, giving them the ability to discern the investment opportunities and risks these shifts represent.

In today’s challenging financial markets, a wide mix of investors have turned to alternative data to better understand market shifts and dynamics, and to determine quickly when and why the price of specific stocks and financial products move. At the same time, these investors are seeking to anticipate the impact that local and global events will have on their portfolio.

Sentifi sources its data from over 500m tweets, blogs, forums, and news articles each day and can help identify early murmurs of momentum shifts for over 59,000 stocks, currencies, commodities, and indices, while also monitoring allocation decisions across 150,000 active and passive funds. Reliable, granular and timely, these datasets provide investors with the necessary tools to track unexpected market momentum shifts in real-time, as they impact portfolios.

Marina Goche, CEO of Sentifi, said: “Enriching Morningstar products with Sentifi analytics offers investors the opportunity to gain access to Sentifi’s analytics in a seamless way. Sentifi delivers transparent market signals that may surface new investment opportunities, critical buying or selling moments, or identify changing portfolio risk as these materialise in social media, news, forums (including Reddit), and blogs.

“Including alternative data signals such as social media sentiment in Morningstar’s Data products helps investors track and manage any impact of trends on an investment’s performance,” said Connor Sloman, Global Head of Morningstar Data Products. “We are excited to incorporate Sentifi’s alternative data-based analytics into our products, utilizing their established AI engine and broad global coverage.”

The integration will take place during the first quarter of 2022.

About Sentifi

Established in 2012, Sentifi is an award-winning alternative data provider offering a mature AI platform and investment analytics suitable for all types of retail and institutional investors. Sentifi’s investment analytics are leveraged by leading institutional investors to make informed investment decisions to generate above benchmark returns.

Sentifi ingests unstructured data from social media, news, and blogs, capturing and making sense of investment signals using its mature AI platform. Its analytics cover over 50k stocks, currencies, commodities and indices, and monitors allocation decisions across 150k active and passive funds. The Sentifi platform can also drill into investment and allocation trends across different regions and industries, and can track how top funds have shifted allocation.

Sentifi has won several reputable industry awards, including the Waters Technology Inside Market Data and Reference Data Award for Best Alternative Data Initiative 2021 and the Trading Tech Insight Awards 2021 for Best Alternative Data Consolidator.