Scope to leverage Sentifi’s analytics within ESG sentiment review

June 29, 2022

London, Zurich June 2022 – Sentifi, an award-winning alternative data provider, has today announced its partnership with Scope, a credit and sustainability risk agency. Scope will leverage Sentifi’s analytics within its ESG sentiment review process on an ongoing basis.

Sentifi will be the exclusive provider of ESG analytics to Scope’s ESG sentiment review, which aims to provide a more timely view on a company’s ESG performance.

Sentifi’s real-time ESG performance data, sourced and assessed by machine learning technologies, enables ESG investors to better understand the real-time underlying price signals and sentiment in stocks, commodities, currencies, and cryptocurrencies. These datasets provide investors with the necessary tools to track unexpected market momentum shifts in real-time, as they impact portfolios, and therefore to construct portfolios with strong positive momentum around ESG performance.

Sourcing its data from over 500m tweets, blogs, forums, and news articles each day, Sentifi can help identify early murmurs of price for over 59,000 stocks, currencies, commodities, and indices, while also monitoring allocation decisions across 150k active and passive funds.

Marina Goche, CEO of Sentifi, commented: “The fact that a leading credit ratings agency is using our ESG intelligence analytics is a milestone moment that demonstrates the shift in the public perception of alternative data, which is only now beginning to be recognised as a necessary addition to traditional datasets. Traditional ESG data alone cannot provide the necessary 360 degree view of the markets that is necessary to monitor and manage ESG risk. In today’s volatile market, timely measures of ESG risk is as important as other risk factors for a company. This is where ESG signals from alternative data sets can make a significant difference.”

Michael Bolle, Head of Subscription Business, Scope, added: “The encouraging participant feedback from last year’s Scope One event on ESG sentiment analysis convinced Sentifi and Scope to collaborate and launch ESG Sentiment Review through the Scope One marketplace. The ability to analyse companies’ positive and negative ESG sentiment indicators from granular news and social media sources is highly complementary to the medium to long-term ESG and credit analysis solutions already available on Scope One.”

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About Sentifi

Established in 2012, Sentifi is an award-winning alternative data provider boasting a mature AI platform suitable for all types of retail and institutional investors. Sentifi’s investment analytics are leveraged by leading institutional investors to make informed investment decisions to generate above benchmark returns.

Sentifi ingests unstructured data from social media, news, and blogs, capturing and making sense of investment signals using its mature AI platform. Its analytics cover over 50k stocks, currencies, commodities and indices, and monitors allocation decisions across 150k active and passive funds. The Sentifi platform can also drill into investment and allocation trends across different regions and industries, and can track how top funds have shifted allocation.

Sentifi has won several reputable industry awards, including the Waters Technology Inside Market Data and Reference Data Award for Best Alternative Data Initiative 2021 and the Trading Tech Insight Awards 2021 for Best Alternative Data Consolidator. In 2022, Sentifi was ranked as a top 100 wealth tech company globally ‘pioneering transformation in the investment and banking industries’.