Paradise Papers Monitor: Don’t Miss the Latest Force Shaking the Stock Market

November 24, 2017

Remember the Panama Papers?

There’s a new name in town: The Paradise Papers and it shook the world with the disclosure of 13.4 million confidential documents linked to some of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful names related to tax evasion.

One major name is the tech giant Apple. After facing political pressure in 2014 over its corporate structure and Irish subsidiaries holding most of its immense cash reserves, Apple sought a new tax haven which was only disclosed in the Paradise Papers. The leaked report resulted in millions of voices questioning the company’s credibility and claim to paying its fair share of taxes.

Apple is not the only big name on the list, many more are coming to light as the investigation unfolds. To help asset managers and traders monitor this important event easily, Sentifi has built the Paradise Papers Monitor which tracks the relevant mentions of this event on global equities from financial market influencers across the web, aggregate the information and put them in one place for the most convenient update. 

The Paradise Papers Monitor ranks the top 10 trending assets discussed in the financial markets on the event and keeps them updated. Visit frequently to see which companies are involved and the potential impact on their stock prices.

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