Paradise Papers: Was there any impact to the financial markets?

November 30, 2017

Nearly a month since the first release of the Paradise Papers and exposé of some well known multinationals, little is still known about its impact to the financial markets.

For traders, little movement is seen. Sentifi identified a total of 92 listed companies mentioned among the financial community in relation to the papers, and none of them showed signs of significant price swings and trading volume following the news.

One company whose price saw a gradual decline is Glencore. After the company was named in the Paradise Papers, more investigations ensued exposing scandals and money laundering in the mining business. 3 executives of its subsidiary Katanga Mining have since stepped down. As of EOD November 27, the company’s price dropped 5.5 points since the news broke on November 5th.

For long investors, we’ll have to sit back and wait to see the broader impact as regulators take action on those involved.

For now, we invite you to see some statistics on the information collected. To track trending stocks and real time mentions from the financial community, visit the Paradise Papers Monitor here.