Our CEO Marina Goche pens an article for Alpha Week highlighting the challenges in monitoring ESG performance of companies

September 14, 2021

Today our CEO Marina Goche penned an article for alpha week highlighting the challenges in monitoring ESG performance of companies and the contributions that machine learning models can make to provide timely, reliable, granular and consistent ESG performance data.

Machine learning models can also produce ESG performance insights which if applied to rebalance portfolios can deliver above benchmark returns.

Read the full article here: https://www.alpha-week.com/alternative-data-key-making-informed-esg-investment-decisions

About Sentifi

Established in 2012, Sentifi is an award-winning alternative data provider boasting a mature AI platform suitable for all types of retail and institutional investors. Sentifi’s investment analytics are leveraged by leading institutional investors to make informed investment decisions to generate above benchmark returns.

Sentifi ingests unstructured data from social media, news, and blogs, capturing and making sense of investment signals using its mature AI platform. Its analytics cover over 50k stocks, currencies, commodities and indices, and monitors allocation decisions across 150k active and passive funds. The Sentifi platform can also drill into investment and allocation trends across different regions and industries, and can track how top funds have shifted allocation.