Monday Briefing-May 23, 2016: Stada Faces Internal Turmoil

May 23, 2016


As the financial markets are slowly waking up from the weekend slump, Stada and Viacom are undergoing internal turmoil. Stada is facing opposition from an activist investor group that could threaten to break up the company or lead to a sale, whereas Viacom chief executive is accusing the daughter of the former CEO of planning to oust him and take over the company. Read on to find what else is being discussed among the Sentifi crowd before the markets start a new week.


1/ Stada Arzneimittel: Propose more independent directors to supervisory board [311% increase in voices in the last 24h]

In a move to counter the nominations from activist investor Active Ownership, German generic drugmaker Stada proposes three new independent directors to join its supervisory board. Active Ownership is running a campaign to oust Board Chairman Martin Abend and introduce five nominees on the board. It’s speculated this campaign could cause a break-up of the company, or worse, lead to a sale.

2/ Viacom: The battle for the media giant is heating up [242% increase in voices in the last 24h]

Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman and Shari Redstone are at odds with each other over the control of the company

Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman accused Shari Redstone, the daughter of former CEO Sumner Redstone, of the manipulation of her father to take over the company, which was against his will. The fight took place after the lawyers of Sumner Redstone removed two longtime board members from a trust that could seize the control of the company. Rumor has it that Shari Redstone has conceived a plan to get rid of Dauman and the entire Viacom board.



3/ Monsanto Company: Faces adverse publicity and a potential merger [237% increase in voices in the last 24h]

People march against Monsanto in Vancouver, Canada on May 25, 2013.

Hundreds of thousands of people marched against Monsanto in an attempt to force the company to stop developing genetically-modified crops that are accused of causing cancer in humans against the back drop of a potential merger with Bayer. Dubbed “the most evil company in the world,” the company has been struggling with its business which it’s taken desperate measure to deal with. Earning forecasts had been cut. Legal disputes are being solved. But none of the efforts is working as its shares have gone down almost 20% this year.


4/ Tim Cook: Makes a surprise visit to Dubai after India [230% increase in voices in the last 24h]

After spending some time with the India Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss manufacturing, Apple CEO Tim Cook paid a visit to Dubai, a move to better the publicity for Apple. The company opened its first retail stores in the United Arab Emirates, one in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi. Cook was seen shaking hands, taking selfies with customers and employees, and taking interviews.

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