Monday Briefing: Elon Musk and Tesla Masterplan

July 11, 2016

Elon Musk surprised the markets with a teaser about a Tesla masterplan on Twitter. Needless to say, speculations started to spread. Musk said he will reveal more details about said masterplan this week, so traders have a few days to devise their trading strategies to capitalize on any gain the revelation could bring to Tesla shares. Plus, Boeing and Airbus are competing heavily to be the leader in solutions for aviation-related accidents. The week has just started, but it’s already packed with news. Read on to find other notable news today on Sentifi.


1/ Tesla Motors: CEO teases a masterplan

Elon Musk took to Twitter to tease about a “Top Secret Tesla Masterplan” he’s been working on, and hoped to share more details this week. Social media immediately drew a connection between this reveal with a blog post published by Musk in 2006 titled “The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan (just between you and me)” in which he revealed the cars that are eventually known as Model S and Model 3. The tweet came amid a bad time for Tesla as the company is dealing with the backlashes of a car crash that involved a Model S and a death of the driver.

2/ Boeing: Clashes with Airbus over safety system

The competition for aviation safety solutions is heating up between Boeing and Airbus.

Both Boeing and Airbus are competing in finding new ways to prevent runway excursions which have been the first or second most frequent commercial-aviation accidents for 15 years. Airbus has its own proprietary system installed on 430 airliners. Boeing doesn’t have one, but it’s working with partners to develop its own system.

3/ Deutsche Bank: Chief economist calls for European banks bailout 

Deutsche Bank’s Chief Economist David Folkerts-Landau said European banks need $166 billion bailout fund for recapitalization. He further said Europe is “extremely sick,” with Italian bank sector needing the most help as it’s struggling with €360 billion in non-performing loans. The recent Brexit also is doing its part in dragging down the share prices in banks across Europe and the world. As uncertainty is on the rise, Folkerts-Landau said Europe needs to deal with its problems soon, or it may lead to an accident.

4/ Elon Musk: Faces doubt for his teaser

When Elon Musk says something, the world listens. When he teased on Twitter the next masterplan of Tesla, the world got excited. But that’s not to say there is doubts as well. The chief investment officer of Sydney-based Nanuk Asset Management, Tom King, is taking a short position in Tesla as he has doubts about Tesla’s future and the decision to acquire SolarCity. And now with the new teaser, Musk is putting his reputation on the line if he proceeds to disappoint.

5/ EU Bailout: Crisis is chasing after European bank sector

The bank sector in Europe is on the brink of a crisis, and Europe needs to act fast to deal with the issues, as said by the chief economist of Deutsche Bank.

Italy and the European Commission are engaging in crisis talks to rescue Italy’s bank sector which is struggling with €360 billion in non-performing loans. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is reportedly seeking a taxpayer-funded bailout, but it is against EU rules, so the chance of its being approved is quite low. And this news came out in the backdrop of Deutsche Bank’s chief economist’s statement, which is European banks need a $166 billion bailout fund.

6/ Asian Development Bank: Helps renovate a Danish fort in India

The development bank is lending its help to the renovation of a 400-year-old Danish fort in India in a conservation and tourism promotion effort. The project is being guided by experienced architects and the officials of the archaeology department of the country.

7/ Airbus Group: Competes with Boeing for the lead in safety issues

Airbus has a proprietary technology to prevent runway excursions, and it is advocating with the European Aviation Safety Agency to mandate its technology to have an edge over Boeing. Unfortunately, EASA said no to that suggestion to avoid being probed for showing a bias to Airbus. Meanwhile, Boeing is trying to promote its own effort in America. Until the authorities decide on which company to go with for runway excursion solutions, the two rivals will continue to head butt each other.

8/ Monsanto Company: Partners with Microsoft for Brazil’s startup eco

Monsanto has officially announced its investment in Microsoft Ventures Brazil’s startup accelerator fund BR STARTUPS FIP to help bolster the startup ecosystem in the country. Qualcomm Ventures has also invested in the fund.

9/ Deutsche Boerse: Considers dropping the LSE approval threshold

Deutsche Boerse is doing its best to turn the acquisition of LSE into a reality.

In an attempt to accommodate index funds, Deutsche Boerse said it is deliberating a reduction in the threshold for shareholder approval of the acquisition of the London Stock Exchange Group. The threshold may go down to 60% from 75%. A decision will be made today.

10/ LSE Group: Gets support from Deutsche Boerse for the acquisition

With its shareholders showing uncertainty, Deutsche Boerse is deciding on a drop of the shareholder approval threshold of the deal with LSE. With 99.89% of its shareholders supporting the deal, LSE seems to be on track for the acquisition.

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