Another Successful Launch for SpaceX

August 15, 2016

SpaceX has executed the eighth successful rocket launch in 2016 when it lifted a Japanese telecommunication satellite into orbit with its Falcon 9 rocket. The company’s goal to do exactly that 10 more times, so we’ll see. For now, you can track its progress on Sentifi.

Sentifi Top Attentions August 15

1/ SpaceX: Successfully launches another rocket

Sunday marks another successful rocket launch for SpaceX. It also is the sixth successful rocket recovery attempt, with two on land and four out at sea. SpaceX aims to launch 18 times this year, and so far it has had eight missions in its pocket.

2/ Macy’s Inc: Closes more stores

With more store closure from Macy's, the company is now topping Sentifi Top Attentions list August 15, 200
A shot of Macy’s store in Midtown Manhattan. It may not be there in the coming months as Macy’s is closing more stores.

The end of brick-and-mortar stores might be nigh as one of the retail giants Macy’s is closing 15 percent of its existing stores. The company’s executive said it simply has too many stores in America, with 728 stores, and it will shift to having fewer but better stores.

3/ Delta Air Lines: Looks back at the outage a week later

The troubled airline is doing its best to recover from the outage and recover the trust of its flyers. Delta has offered $200 vouchers to everyone who suffered from the outage. The analysts also predict the outage will also cost Delta substantially due to lost revenue from cancelled flights and additional costs created by the disruption.

4/ Deliveroo: Agrees to better pays for deliverer after wage protest

Hundreds of delivery riders in London protested against the company due to low wage, which has convinced the company to agree to a new pilot scheme proposed by the protesters. Deliveroo will offer £7 an hour and £1 per delivery, and guarantee at least £7.50 an hour and petrol for those who continue to participate. For those who want to opt out of the hourly wage, they will get £3.75 per delivery.

5/ Oil & Natural Gas Corp: Invests $123 million in Bokaro coal bed methane block

Indian state-owned Oil & Natural Gas Corp (ONGC) and Oil India said they will invest $123 million in the Bokaro coal bed methane block in the state of Jharkhand. ONGC contributes 80 percent of that investment, while the rest comes from Oil India.

6/ George Soros: Suffers hack that leaks hundreds of internal documents online

Multiple departments of George Soros’ organizations suffered a hack over the weekend, with resulted in hundreds of leaked documents online. One of Soros’ organizations, the Open Society Foundations had notified the FBI about the hacking back in June after several of its documents were leaked.

7/ McDonald’s: Still uses poultry antibiotics in China

McDonald's makes it to Sentifi Top Attentions list of August 15 thanks to its use of antibiotics in China.
McDonald’s continues to use antibiotics in China, a practice that is far from being banned in the country.

The fast food chain recently stopped using poultry treated with antibiotics in the U.S., but it’s made no commitment to do the same thing in China. It has stirred some controversies with that decision. Despite attempts to eliminate the use of antibiotics are trending in China, the country’s laws and regulations currently don’t ban the use of antibiotics.

8/ Sharp: Shares jump more than 10 percent after Foxconn took over

Foxconn has completed its $3.84 billion takeover of Sharp, which grants the Taiwanese company the control of 66.07 percent of stake in the Japanese company. Sharp’s shares responded by soaring as much as 17 percent, the highest level since June 24.

9/ Hon Hai Precision: Shares jump 1.16 percent after Sharp’s acquisition

The Taiwanese company hopes to diversify its business portfolio with Sharp’s assets. It is also banking on the organic light-emitting diode, or OLED, displays, a product that Sharp is one of the world’s lead producers.

10/ Disney: Invest $1 billion into MLB’s streaming video business

Disney is now the proud owner of 33 percent stake in BAMTech, a streaming company created by Major League Baseball. Disney aims to use BAMTech’s technology infrastructure to scale and monetize its streaming capabilities at ESPN.

Cover Image: Reuters/Scott Audette

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