Uber: Unicorn with Bad Practices

April 8, 2016

Written and Edited by HV

Valued at more than $50 billion, Uber is one of the biggest unicorns, but not the one with the best practices, with 50 pending lawsuits.

Uber has just paid $10 million to settle misleading driver background checks.


Do the head honchos at Uber know how to run a business, or is Uber growing so fast that the management cannot quite catch up?

Uber’s previous run-ins with the law have been about not playing by the rules. Uber is reinventing the transport industry and changing the way the world moves. Is breaking the laws simply a ripple effect of the Uber’s innovation?

Not necessarily. A few of Uber’s fines, such as the latest one, are a result of either an oversight or the lack of cautions on the company’s part. It claimed to have the best background check policy for its drivers, yet it didn’t take drivers’ fingerprints. It failed to inform its drivers in France to return to a garage between each fare as French transport law dictates.

Following the law is one of the most common practices every business should have, and here we have a case of a company potentially worth more than GM, Ford, and Honda, failing to play by the rules time and time again.