Identifying Industry Trends: A Look Behind the Scenes

May 7, 2019

In the past nine months, we intensified our partnership with ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS, the leading provider of media intelligence solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. By providing ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS with more than one billion sources from news, blogs and tweets on a monthly basis, we help corporates determine global market-relevant topics and events that influence their respective industries.

We asked Andree Blumhoff, Head of Product Development at ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Germany, to reflect on today’s challenges for industries and how our collaboration helps to find innovative solutions.

Andree, what challenges do industries face nowadays?

The growing volume of information, accelerating industry trends as well as the transformation of whole industry sectors are developments that make it substantially harder for professionals and teams in PR, Marketing or Business Development to keep up with new challenges and opportunities provided in the market.

How does IndustryScan help professionals solve these challenges?

The focus of our research is based on data-driven, proactive generation of insights through the analysis of available pre-structured data and the identification of market impulses, so-called weak signals. This approach allows us to recognize market trends, developments, events and topics early on. At the same time, Sentifi’s analytics provide the means to identify new and innovative products or services, to monitor competitors as well as key players and relevant B2B influencers across sectors continuously.

What have you been able to achieve since the start of our collaboration last year in July?

By saving time collecting data, our researchers can invest more efforts into the well-verse interpretation and identification of complex chains of causes and effects. This form of big-data analysis allows us and our clients to get valuable inputs faster, to create more causal relationships and to highlight research areas that need to be further investigated, i.e. through detailed quantitative and qualitative media analysis.

What makes our research approach stand out from other options?

Above all, it is the depth and quality of the semantic preprocessing of the data and linking with other secondary data sources such as stock prices, that makes Sentifi stand out from the crowd. The foundation for data quality lies in the implementation of various deep learning technologies. Sentifi’s approach tremendously supports the separation of the important news from the unimportant ones (the so-called white noise) and thereby provides relevant and accurate data.

Were there any obstacles that made it difficult for you to collaborate with us?

The last version of the Sentifi Intelligence user interface was very static due to the lack of filters, sophisticated search options and export functions. This increased the time needed to research longer evaluation periods and complicated data extradition. However, the new desktop interface allows us to explore the data even more intuitively and offers more flexibility in terms of cutting through the data.

What’s the main reason you would recommend to work with us?

Unparalleled market intelligence powered with timely, comprehensive and systematic data on activities in all industries and sectors as well as an enthusiastic team make the use of Sentifi an excellent experience throughout.

Andree Blumhoff
Head of Product Development – ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Germany

ARGUS Predict IndustryScan delivers reports with specific industry insights, using Sentifi’s comprehensive database, and offers broader scanning of the business environment without the need for specific keywords. The research approach is best applied exactly where conventional methods reach their limits and help companies to:

• scan the entire business environment even without predetermined search queries

• identify and continuously observe known and potentially relevant competitors and key players in one‘s own and other industries

• detect potential substitutes in terms of products, services and technologies at an early stage

• identify relevant B2B influencers / stakeholders