Fujitsu is Up with the Cloud and AI

June 9, 2016

By Myn

Fujitsu rose to the top stocks gaining attention on Sentifi screen with over 300 voices. The Japanese IT equipment services provider was awarded the 2015 Supplier Sustainability Award by AT&T. The company also announced a partnership with the U.S. cloud storage company Box, as well as an introduction to an AI technology application in its customer service solution.

Fujitsu jun 9

Every events related to Fujitsu can be viewed quickly by looking at the main events on Fujitsu screen such as Deal and Award.

Fujitsu was awarded for its work in creating energy savings and minimizing environmental impact. AT&T has many supplier chains, but Fujitsu was among the four chosen winners for this award thanks to its support for sustainable operations. As Dough Moore, chief operating officer at Fujitsu Network Communications, said the company is committed to conserving energy and natural resources while creating the best products and solutions for customers.

JP - Fujitsu news jun 9Fujitsu also announced a strategic partnership with Box to integrate its cloud storage system into Fujitsu’s enterprise software. The company will use Box to store and manage files sent via communication tools used by 160,000 employees around the world. The partnership will also be applied to Fujitsu’s new enterprise software which will be launched in March 2017 throughout Asia.

JP - Fujitsu messages jun 9

The company has also made a huge move in AI technology as it applies artificial intelligence in Monozukuri Total Support Solutions, a consulting service to systematize functions. The company just developed the Monozukuri AI Framework which uses AI technology to process engines and the security authentication servers from learning databases.

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