Financial Crowd Intelligence: Sentifi CEO Dr. Anders Bally joins host Markus Koch on Auf der Couch livestream

November 24, 2016

Sentifi on Auf der Couch

Sentifi CEO Dr. Anders Bally stopped by Auf der Couch to speak on this phenomenon with financial expert and host Markus Koch. During the episode, they discuss how the generation and distribution of financial news information is fundamentally evolving. With current events like the Fukushima nuclear disaster, corporate news from Apple, Inc and Goldman Sachs or even Korean pop phenomenon Gangnam, have the power to make a financial impact.  Bally discusses digitalization and how Sentifi is processing large amounts of big data and news information; making it available to the financial markets.

Watch below as Bally and Koch discuss crowd intelligence with the Auf der Couch guests; providing insights on how to use this technology to maximize investment strategy at