Donald Trump’s Companies Owe Money to Bank of China

August 22, 2016

An investigation by The New York Times into Donald Trump has revealed that the companies owned by the Republican nominee have at least $650 million in debt. The reveal goes against the information Trump disclosed about his financial situation relating to his campaign. This event will no doubt continue to develop in the coming days, so stay tuned to Sentifi for more.

Sentifi Top Attentions August 22, 2016

1/ Bank of China Ltd: One of Trump’s lenders

In a recent financial disclosure form Donald Trumped filed for his campaign, he noted he was worth at least $1.5 billion. Now questions are being raised about the accuracy of the fact after a report by The New York Time revealed that a group of banks, including Bank of China, lent money to his companies. And now, the companies still owe the banks at least $650 million.

2/ Medivation Inc: Soon to be acquired by Pfizer for $14 billion

Pfizer's offer has propelled Medivation to the top of Sentifi Top Attentions list for August 22, 2016.
Pfizer is close to seal an $14 billion acquisition deal with Medivation. (BidnessEtc)

Pfizer is beating out Celgene, Gilead, Sanofi, Merk and AstraZeneca in a bid war for Medivation, which has already rejected two offers from Sanofi. But with a $14 billion bid, it seems like Pfizer is getting very close to sealing the deal with Medivation.

3/ Aetna Inc: Obamacare withdrawal still captures the crowd’s attention

The crowd is still abuzz with the company’s partial withdrawal from Obamacare. One of the most notable points of discussion is the connection between the federal government’s anti-mega-merger attitude with this case. The company backed out of Obamacare simply because its mega-merger with Humana was blocked by the government.

5/ Gawker Media: Its demise proves no one is above the law

Being a news and gossip site, Gawker Media sure has published some touchy gossip, and its gossip about Hulk Hogan has proved to be its demise. It led to a lawsuit in which the company lost and had to pay $140 million in damages to the wrestler. Univision then came to the rescue and bought the company for $135 million, but closed

6/ Lyft: Held buyout talks with tech and automotive companies 

Lyft talked with tech companies like Apple and Google for a buyout.
A Lyft car on the street of San Francisco, California.

The ride-sharing company seems to be contemplative about its future, as it held buyout talks with many tech companies as well as carmakers, including GM, Microsoft, Uber, Google, Apple and Amazon. None of the talks bore any fruit due to its high asking price. The company supposedly was looking for a $9 billion buyout.

7/ BuzzFeed: Accused for falsely reporting on Donald Trump’s stand on immigration

BuzzFeed recently reported that Donald Trump has changed his view on immigration, that he would grant amnesty for illegals. Later the fact was straightened out by a senior staffer at the Republican National Committee that Trump did not change his view.

8/ Hong Kong Protest: Protest broke out in Hong Kong against China’s election meddling

On Sunday, Hong Kong turned into a gathering place for hundreds of people who protested the disqualification of six candidates from the legislative elections by the Hong Kong government, a move appeared to be influenced by China. Hong Kong still remains sans a full democracy, as Beijing refuses to grant such thing to Hong Kong, which led the topic to be one of heated issues between the two.

9/ Reliance Industries: The India’s government disallowed the company from recovering a cost of $380 million

The money relates to the company’s Krishna Godavari basin gas production for 2014-15 for not meeting output targets. Disallowing cost recovery leads to more profits shared between the company and the government, thus the government is demanding an additional $51.6 million for extra profit share for 2014-15.

10/ Nestlé: Being criticized for continuing to extract water from Ontario town despite drought

The Ontario government is being urged to not renew one of Nestlé’s water-taking permits as the company keeps extracting water for production purposes despite drought. The company said it continues to work with the community while it tries to renew the permits.

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