Dollar Tree Continues to Pose a Threat to Wal-Mart

November 23, 2016

Dollar Tree enjoys a stock surge of 8.2 percent following a better-than-expected quarterly earnings thanks to lower merchandise costs and freight expenses. That said, it’s facing some heavy competition from Walmart. Stick with Sentifi to see how it will affect your trading.

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Dollar Tree: Is confident in its outlook

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Wal-Mart has been fighting back at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar  by improving its stock and cutting prices on food, but it’s still not enough to make a dent in Dollar Tree’s profit. The dollar-store chain continues to take market share from Wal-Mart while staying on course in terms of savings. Neil Saunders, CEO of research from Conlumino, said that the Family Dollar acquisition is paying dividends and benefits to Dollar Tree investors.

Dr Pepper Snapple: Plans to buy alternative drinks makers

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As soda sales dwindle, the company is seeking ways to branch into healthier products. One of them is through acquisition of alternative drinks makers, with antioxidant beverages maker Bai Brands LLC being the first target. Dr Pepper is offering a $1.7 billion deal, and seeing its shares jump 2.6 percent.

Eurowings & Lufthansa: Cancels 876 flights due to pilot strike

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The cockpit union decides to strike against the airlines after the pilots haven’t seen any pay increases despite “posting good numbers for years.” The pilots have been reportedly asking for a 3.66 percent yearly raise for 5 years and a half, which Lufthansa, the parent company of Eurowings, has called “absolutely incomprehensible.”

HP: Reports a 7 percent drop in Q4 revenue

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HP sees its business continue to shrink as both Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. and HP Inc. reported disappointing revenue. Both companies have been undergoing layoffs and stock buybacks, which have angered investors. Moreover, both have done very little in terms of strengthening the companies while forcing restructuring charges. Both still have many legacy, slower-growing businesses, for instance, the legacy server business that declined 6 percent during the quarter. That instills enough doubts into analysts to not believe growth is around the corner for the companies.

PositiveID Corp.: Reports a net loss of $4.48 million

The company develops biological detection systems for America’s homeland defense industry, and it is seeing its earnings declining due to the narrowing of operating margins. It posted a decrease of 314.93 percent in operating EBITDA. Year-on-year change in operating cash flow was registered at -14.20 percent, showing no significant movement in accruals or reserves.

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