Deputy editor-in-chief of Handelsblatt, Oliver Stock, is joining Sentifi

February 2, 2016

Oliver StockZurich, February 2nd, 2016 – Oliver Stock will take the role of chief editor in the management team of Sentifi, the leading crowd-intelligence provider for financial markets. Oliver Stock is currently  the deputy editor-in-chief of the German Handelsblatt, one of the leading financial newspapers in Europe. Starting from March, he will push on with the expansion of the Swiss fintech company to make it the world’s leading provider of financial relevant information from the crowd.

Using its proprietary big data technology based on artificial intelligence, Sentifi structures financial data selected from social media channels, news and blogs. The results help investors, analysts, investor relations professionals and journalists to be closer to the news-driving events and stakeholders in the financial markets and hence make better decisions and analyses. Since its foundation in 2012, Sentifi has been growing continuously, producing more than 30 million views of its financial analyses a month on the platforms of leading financial service providers and the media in five countries.

“With more than 20 years of experience as journalist and editor, Oliver Stock knows perfectly what information our business partners and users in the financial markets really need,” says Anders Bally, founder and CEO of Sentifi. “This means a better service for online financial news providers like newspapers, trading platforms, banks and other financial service providers we are partnering with.”

“Market relevant financial information from million of sources in the crowd is generated by ranking the financial relevance of both the source and the message and then put the content in a financial context. This allows investors, analysts and journalists access to new information and new relationships between events and stakeholders in almost real time. This is a tremendous and exciting challenge for journalists like me,”  says Oliver Stock.

The journalist is leaving the Handelsblatt editorial team at the end of February. Handelsblatt is the German economy’s voice in the world with a worldwide network of correspondents and the Handelsblatt Global Edition, the English-language edition of the newspaper, which launched in 2014. Having worked as a correspondent in Switzerland and Austria, Oliver Stock leads the editorial team in Germany’s financial capital Frankfurt. During his period as the editor-in-chief, the number of unique users a month rose to more than four million over a period of four years. The number of followers on Twitter increased eightfold to approximately 250,000. Finally, Oliver Stock is the deputy editor-in-chief of the integrated print and online editorial office. He is a guest commentator (radio and TV), writer of books and presenter at numerous financial industry events.


Sentifi is one of the leading financial information providers using crowd intelligence. The Swiss fintech company founded in 2012 currently has more than 70 fulltime employees from several countries. Based on big data technologies, self-learning algorithms and semantic-based system of financial concepts, Sentifi ranks the relevance of both content and stakeholders for financial markets. This helps investors to discover and monitor the attention of the markets, new trends and cross-relationships of events in the markets that are not available via traditional news media.

Sentifi analyses are available at and on a large number of leading online news portals in five countries and on two continents. Updated every hour around the clock, they are available for millions of people.

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