Cyberattack Plagues Tesco Bank

November 7, 2016

It seems like cyberattack has paid Tesco Bank, the lending arm of the U.K. grocery chain, a visit as many of its customers complained that as much as $750 had been taken from their accounts fraudulently. The bank since then has blocked some of its customers’ cards. To find out more about this issue, stay tuned to Sentifi.

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Tesco Bank: Detects suspicious activity

The bank said its fraud prevention systems identified suspicious activity, and as a precautionary measure, it has blocked some customer cards. The bank has more than 7 million customer accounts in total across a wide range of products. It’s unclear how many customers are affected, as the bank only gave a ballpark figure of more than 1,000 and less than 10,000.

Deutsche Telekom: Launches new messenger app to compete with social media giants

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The company is launching a new messenger all call Immmr for smartphones, tablets and computers that allows users to make phone calls and video calls, and share messages, even with the people who do not use the service.

NetSuit Inc.: More than half of eligible shareholders back acquisition with Oracle Corp.

Holders of 53 percent of unaffiliated NetSuit shares agree to the proposed $9.3 billion offer from Oracle, allowing the deal to move forward. Oracle has been pursuing NetSuit since July with an offer of $109 a share to fight off rival bidders such as Workday Inc. and Inc.

MXN: Jumps as optimism over Hillary Clinton grows

The currency jumped to a 1-1/2 week high after the FBI said no criminal charges were warranted against Hillary Clinton for using a private email server for government work. The currency has been a quasi poll for the U.S. presidential election. It goes up if Clinton’s chances are looking up, and it goes down if Donald Trump’s chances are looking up.

Volkswagen: Investigation into emissions scandal has reached the very top of the company

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Hans Dieter Pötsch, the chairman of the carmaker’s supervisory board, is suspected by German prosecutors of violating securities laws in the emissions scandal that has been plaguing the company since last November. He is accused of failing to notify shareholders quickly enough of the financial risks of the scandal.

Audi: Emissions cheat device found in Audi cars

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California Air Resources Board has discovered an emissions cheat device, which only activated during pollution testing, in certain variants of cars made by Audi, further tainting the brand image of Volkswagen.

Hyundai Motor: Offers bleak market outlook for 2017

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Global Management Institute, affiliated with Hyundai Motor Group, said the number of vehicles sold in 2017 will be 2.4 percent lower than 2016’s estimated sales. Hyundai’s losing market share is also a factor, as the combine market share of its self and its affiliate Kia Motors fell below 60 percent for the first time in October. Workers’ strikes and stronger performances by GM Korea and other domestic carmakers also played a role in casting a shadow over Hyundai’s outlook.

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