Coronavirus Causes Investor Sentiment Surges – not only for the Healthcare Sector

April 2, 2020

We have recorded a consistently high positive sentiment score for the healthcare sector, with an average of 60 points over the past 30days. The sentiment score is based on news, blogs and tweets from financial market influencers. Among the companies that have scored the highest within the sector are Johnson & Johnson #JNJ, Theva Pharmaceuticals #TEVA, Sanofi #SAN and Abbott Laboratories #ABT.

Other sectors that experienced sentiment surges over the same time period include consumer defensive (Sentiment Score: +29), communication services (Sentiment Score: +20) and the financial services sector (Sentiment Score: +4). Companies such as Robert Bosh (Sentiment Score: +79), Reliance Industries (Sentiment Score: +78, #RELIANCE), Wells Fargo (Sentiment Score: +74, #WFC) and Ocado Group (Sentiment Score: +67, #OCDO) led peers in their sector with the strongest sentiment shifts over the past 30 days.

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