China Mobile’s Big Plans in 5G Network

June 14, 2016

China Mobile partners with Nokia in a $1.53 billion framework deal to create a cloud network for the Chinese operator and provide seamless connectivity to meet the growing data demand of the subscriber base of the China’s operator.  There are over 350 voices collected by Sentifi machine discussing about the partnership between the two companies as shown on China Mobile screen.

HK - China Mobile scr jun 14

Under the agreement, Nokia will create a cloud network for China Mobile with its innovative 5G-ready AirScale Base Station, which allows multiple radio technologies to operate simultaneously in one base station. It will also offer virtually unlimited scalability to support 5G speed and the demand for the Internet of Things.

The two companies will have to work together closely to define the products and services better in order to meet the huge demand of 620 million Chinese customers who are using their mobile devices to connect to the Internet. Being China Mobile’s long-lasting business partner, the deal will strengthen Nokia’s position as the leading provider for future technologies in China according to Mike Wang, president of the joint management team of Nokia Networks China and Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell.

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