Aetna Hurts Obamacare and Patients

August 17, 2016

Aetna’s recent Obamacare withdrawal has left many U.S. residents with fewer options for insurance. The company also left 536 counties in the Affordable Care Act markets, creating enough buzzes in the market to maintain its top position on Sentifi Top Attentions list.

Sentifi Top Attention August 17, 2016

1/ Aetna Inc: Leaves residents of Missouri with fewer options

Missouri residents seem to be affected the hardest with Aetna’s decision to stop selling Obamacare in the state. Now they’re only have two insurer choices, which are Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna.

2/ Praxair: Shares jump 5.5 percent on merger talks with Linde

Praxair is in active merger talks with Linde, which could create a mega company worth $60 billion. The combined giant would have close to 50 percent of the world’s market share. Linde has a strong presence in North America’s healthcare industry, and Praxair is versed in industrial on-site production.

3/ Hain Celestial Group: Encounters accounting issues

The company has decided to postpone the report of fiscal 2016 results due to accounting concerns. This announcement didn’t sit well with the investors as the company’s shares plunged almost 30 percent.

4/ Gawker Media: Acquired by Univision for $135 million

Gawker has propelled to the top spot on Sentifi Top Attentions list thanks to the merger with Univision.
Being acquired by Univision would be a tremendous help for Gawker.

The media company announced it had been acquired by Univision for $135 million. Since the company is still tangled in a $140 million libel case and a bankruptcy case, the deal must have to be approved by the federal judge overseeing’s the bankruptcy case.

5/ Linde: Could face antitrust issues for the merger with Praxair

Analysts are speculating Linde may run into antitrust reviews as its merger with Praxair may violate fair competition in regional markets. South America, especially Brazil, may give the two companies the biggest problem as the combined companies may have 60 percent market share in the region.

6/ BHP Billiton: Posts a statutory full-year net loss of $6.39 billion

A fatal mine dam disaster in Brazil and weak commodity prices have taken a toll on the world’s biggest miner. BHP Billiton registered a net loss of $6.39 billion, the first annual loss since the merger of BHP and Billiton 15 years ago. Underlying profit was down 81 percent, from $6.4 billion just a year earlier to $1.2 billion.

7/ Salesforce: The crowd is still buzzing about its latest acquisition

Salesforce’s latest acquisition of BeyondCore is the seventh acquisition the company has made this year. The company strives to increase its impact and presence in the analytics world, including smart data discovery and advanced analytics capabilities.

8/ Home Depot: Announces a 9.3 percent increase in Q2 profits

Home Depot jumped to Sentifi Top Attentions list thanks to a 9.3 percent increase in Q2 profits.
A store employee checks the stock at a Home Depot store.

An increase in home improvement spending has led to an increase in the second-quarter profits of Home Depot. The company is so confident in the continuing raise in home improvements that it’s raised its guidance for the full year as well.

9/ Barnes & Noble Inc: Fires CEO Ron Boire

CEO Ron Boire has been fired from his post after being with the company for less than a year. The decision came from the Board of Directors after it deemed Boire wasn’t a good fit for the company. Before arriving at Barnes & Noble, Boire was the CEO of Sears Canada, and he had no experience in the book selling business. He closed the Nook App Store, Nook Video Store, the digital bookstore in the U.K. and the R&D office in Santa Clara.

10/ StemCells Inc: Shares jump 600 percent on merger, executives resign

The company’s shares jumped sevenfold after it entered into a merger with Israeli private company Microbot Medical Ltd. to develop robotics-based medical devices. Unfortunately, the company chief executive, chief financial officers, and three board members have resigned.

Cover Image: Jessica Hill/AP

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