2019 Alternative Data Insights: A Look At Weekly Sentiment Shifts

February 4, 2020

In January, we took the time to look back at the regions, sectors, industries and companies that had the highest weekly sentiment shifts combined with above-average attention volume in 2019. In addition to that, our AI-powered engine identified the top related events. 

The highest regional positive sentiment shift happened from May 13 to 19. “Asia Developed” which consists of countries like Hong Kong, Brunei, Singapore or South Korea, saw a sentiment change of 23 pts. Top related events included solar energy, brand value and investment. On the other hand, the region “Australia & New Zealand” faced the most negative sentiment change from Nov 18 to 24 due to environmental policy, protests and money laundering.

Download the full report here to see which sectors, industries and companies have seen major sentiment shifts in 2019 and find out how alternative data is used in the investment process to identify outliers and generate investment ideas.